Monday, June 13, 2011

Weekend in Pictures

For some reason, even tho I'm more tired than EVER, it feels like it was a long weekend.  Perhaps because I snuck away early on Friday... I went and bought the panels for the fabric mentioned below and then I went home and had a nap.  Napping has been moved from the  'wow, I love napping... what a nice thing to do for me' category into the 'if I don't nap I'll murder someone' category.  So napping it was!  When I woke up I decided to make fabric covered canvases and watch the hockey game.  It's rather anti-climatic in my house because the landlords watch it on a satelite feed, which for some reason means that they're about six seconds ahead of us... so I know they've scored before I've seen them score... On Friday night after the game, I went back to the fabric store with the intention of buying the blinding fabric for the new duvet cover... my friend Roger owns a drapery workroom and he's agreed to make my new duvet cover for me for next to nothing.  My five minute errand (because supposedly I knew what the fabric was I was getting) turned into an hour and a bit and I was the last one in the store at closing.  The picture below is rather color inaccurate and it's a light cream, not yellow,but there it is...
This is a picture of one of the fabric panels for outside.  There will be five of these and because the pattern repeat is so big, they'll each be slightly different, which will be awesome!
And finally, I went and dropped my laundry off on Saturday morning before work... when I came back to my car, what I saw alarmed me! 
That's one of my 'Dashing' mitts in Dream in Color Classy Happy Forest... it must have jumped out of the car when I took my laundry basket out... the horror!