Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Strange... and probably boring!

I have so many things on the needles to knit... I have a birthday present who's delivery date is steadily approaching... day by day it seems!  I have a lovely alpaca tarp thingy that I can't WAIT to wrap myself in.  I have a big wool blanket that is going to be of such comfort when it's done (as soon as I rethink the insanity that is the ruffle I have planned!).
However!  I don't care about any of them!  I'm knitting like a damn maniac... all I can think about is knitting... I made my lunch for today to be as easy and quick to wolf down as possible so I can spend as much of my lunch hour knitting... My item is in my purse and all I want to do is work on it!  This is unusual for me... I love knitting and I almost always enjoy the process but almost never get a project that consumes my mind.  The last one was the purple handspun shawl I knit last.
The project is THIS.  The yarn I'm using is new to me... it was on sale (and almost always is) this weekend and I got help from my fellow yarn pushers to pick out this gorgeous purple color.  It's 55% merino, 15% cashmere and 30% microfibre.  I'm not entirely sure what the microfibre does or how it will react to blocking, but this stuff is insanely soft!  I chose the Aran weight, which is a bit heavier than the specified yarn, but it's making an awfully cozy wrap!  It's a chainette ply, rather than a twisted ply... when you look at the strand, it looks like many tiny plies all braided together in a sort of icord.  It gives the knitting a lovely texture.
The thing I'm not enjoying about being insanely addicted to knitting on this project is the fact that my poor hands are SO DRY!  I'm typing this right now with CO Bigelow Lemon Hand Treatment (shameless linky...  this is a link to the Lemon Body Wash, which is also amazing... all available at Bath and Body Works!) in a 1/4" layer over top of my cuticles... It's going to sit there till it soaks in, because I don't think just rubbing in hand lotion is going to work!
Yesterday evening, before the most dismal hockey game (why... WHY do they keep torturing us!?!) I cleaned out the linen closet and the towel closet.  It turns out that I own a LOT of towels... but none that I'm willing to give up... See I only use a rotation of two/three bathsheets and a couple hand towels.  I have three complete sets (hand towels/face cloths/bathsheets) of different colored towels that have never been used.  I should give them away right?  I also have a TON of bedsheet sets... again, none that I'm willing to give away... and to be fair, I do use them all in rotation!  My next task will be to clean out the bottom of my closet.  Ever since childhood I've had a hard time keeping the bottom of my closet from turning into a nightmare...  Once that's done, then I'll work on the kitchen...
Pat has decided that he's going to leave his television for me.  It's a 32" Sony tube TV... I originally didn't want it because I don't spend a lot of time watching television, but if he's just going to get rid of it when he upgrades anyway, then I may as well hold on to it and it's a really nice gesture


Caroline said...

Loving that purple...can't wait to see it!

chemicalika said...

I love this shawl. I was going to join in with the Beginning Lace Knitters KAL, but I didn't get the yarn organised in time and I'm now drowning in projects. One day though. Yours is looking lovely.