What is this place?

My name is Darcy and I live and work in Vancouver BC. I live with the cutest stray cat you've ever seen!
I just took up knitting in March 2009 and I'm completely obsessed.  I have a stash WELL into the hundreds of dollars, a roving stash that is trying desperately to keep up, two spindles, a toolbox full of wood dye and a case full of beads.  Just recently added was a few crochet hooks to my already abundant knitting needle selection and now I'm left to try and manage it all.  My life now includes things like 'knitting meetups', rules about stash accumulation, words like WIP and FO and an ever constant desire to find the newest challenge, technique or pattern that makes my head spin. I work weekends at my somewhat LYS Urban Yarns, where I have the absolute pleasure of helping people find that perfect 'thing'.
This blog will be about any of that, or perhaps the random and wonderful things that happen as a crazed knitter goes through her life.
Stay tuned... this could get interesting!