Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Brain Trust

So I've taken to calling myself the Brain Trust lately... it came from a fairly funny conversation at work with a guy that was telling me how smart I am for getting a concept that people in my office get paid twice as much as me and don't get... LOL...

Been so unbusy since I got back from my dad's that I haven't been inspired to write... Well, not entirely true... I tried starting, and I was going to make a list of things to update in point form, but it sounded stupid and unlike anything someone that wasn't me would want to read... Shall we try again?

1. The third day back from my holiday the hospital I work at caught on fire... that was a unique experience filled with many DOZENS of firefighters, as that particular building is over 100 years old, and they thought the fire was between the wood framed floors, so it was a three alarm'er

2. I finished the scarf I was working on in the last post... it blocked up quite wonderful and just under six feet long. It's kind of scratchy because I sort of accidentally felted it in the process of dyeing it, but I loves it anyway! I'm now working on the sister yarn I dyed on the same day and am making a very LOUD neckwarmer.... loud because the color is a little... um.... flourescent.

3. I've just taken up a penpal. I had a penpal once when I was much younger, but it was someone that I knew. We used to write to each other every week... so every second Thursday I'd get a letter from him and the opposite Thursday he'd get one from me... We'd write PAGES to eachother and draw pictures and tell stories... we built up an amazing friendship that way... I think he's probably a very nice person now, but I have my own reasons for not pursuing a friendship with him, regardless of how many MANY times he's bugged me on MSN and facebook!

4. I'm having a hard time emotionally with the never ending battle of weight and excersise. I'm desperately trying to figure out a way to win the battle and get motivated... that's all I'll say... unless someone has some sage advice for me.... and let's not be stupid... I used to work out every day for 90 min at an incredibly intense level and I don't need 'you'll feel better once you do it' advice... I need 'how to get my mind around my mind' advice.

5. I'm considering starting an online company to sell hand made stitch markers for knitting. You non knitters probably don't know what they are, but they're basically little earrings that you hang off your needles to mark pattern repeats... they come in MULTITUDES of different styles and options and I'm working on which ones I want to focus on. It's another nice creative outlet... I just need more time in the day.

I guess that's all for now. I'm off to take a bath and then work on the neckwarmer for a while. Pink Ink is what I've named it because I wasn't exactly successful at getting it colorfast and the pink part of the dye is leaching onto my fingers....can be rectified upon washing, but during knitting, it's kind of annoying ;)

That's all

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Not gone...

My my, how time flies! I haven't gone anywhere... more than that, I've actually been around, but o so busy! There is no longer time (or privacy) to be able to write anything on this here blog at work, so my only bloggable time is after work and on the weekends... and guess what I'm doing then... cleaning and knitting... and dyeing. That's my new favorite hobby... I've dyed around 2000 yards of yarn so far... and I've made exactly 3/4 of a something out of it... actually, it's a great something... this picture is a close up (turned 90deg the wrong way) of the scarf I've been knitting up with it....
I've been learning a lot about knitting, and in doing so, learned a little something about myself. I've learned that I think I'm smarter than just about every other knitter out there... and every time I use that sentiment, I get into trouble in the form of ripping out miles and miles of stitches. I think this time I've got the lesson learned... my mom always said that a lesson is repeated until it's learned. Well I learned the lesson yesterday on my lace shawl... in no way do I ever want to repeat the fear and angst I felt when I realized that I did a biggo mistako and thought I'd have to rip the entire thing apart. Lucky for me I DIDN'T have to rip it apart, but I think from now on, once I've read the pattern, checked the interwebby for known pattern mistakes and seen that 300,000 people have successfully made their item USING THE EXACT SAME PATTERN, I shall not assume to know better than every single one of these people and just KNIT THE THING THE WAY IT SAYS TO! (I'll let you know if my lesson sticks)

Other items of noteworthiness on the knitting subject. Four separate people (FOUR) have checked out my various items posted to our little knitting community and decided that they LIKE them... in fact the DESIGNER of the scarfee I made for my bestee liked mine enough to add it to her favorites list! What the heck do you know about that! I felt so flattered. It's really quite nice to have fellow knitters, and good good good ones at that, recognize my projects as noteworthy! Especially since I've been knitting exactly 4 months.

Actually, as a related item on that, I learned something else during my knitting experience thus far... and it is this: People who are new to a craft (some, not all) are much more daring when it comes to starting things.... what do I mean? Well there are 'old' knitters, who have been knitting for years and years, and they're terrified to make a lace scarf or a cabled bag... not because they're not amazing knitters, because most of them are, but because I guess they've been brought up to think it's hard. New knitters on the other hand, like myself, don't know that something is supposed to be hard, so we dive right in with both needles and learn the stinkin' technique. I've made three cabled (one fairly complicated) handbags (LINED!), three lace scarves and I'm now working on a lace shawl that's knit in the round... one piece... around and around and around... so cool! But I thought the analogy was neat, because one wonders if there are things in our lives that are the same... where we 'think' it's hard, or uncomfortable, or not doable... but if we just dove right in with both feet and learned it, or perservered, we'd probably do an amazing job of whatever it was and then look back and wonder what all the fuss was about.

I'm off to my Dad's place this coming weekend for a much needed holiday! I'll have the good old cabin to myself for two and a half days and then he'll get home and we get to hang out together for 2.5 days and then take the drive back to town (2 hrs) to dump me at the airport. I have big plans for my time and they involve knitting on the beach... knitting in the paddleboat... knitting in the hammock... dyeing yarn together (lol, I can't wait!) and having campfires and roasting marshmallows... doesn't that sound like the most awesome time ever??

Anyway, it's late and I have to go stalk the Ravelry forums for a while before bed!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Things I've learned about Koolaid

Koolaid is incredibly hard to find if you want more than the regular grape, orange and cherry! I remember a long time ago they used to have points on koolaid and my sister and mom and I would get loads of different flavors for the points things... i don't think we ever sent in for anything, but I do remember having a whole envelope of fruity smelling upc codes... Anyway, different flavors (colors) are ridiculously hard to find... so readers of my little blog... if you find any unusual flavors in your travels, please pick them up.
Okay, so what I've learned, besides that they're really hard to find?

1. Koolaid is cheapest at Safeway (.34/each)
2. Koolaid is second most cheapest at Superstore (.43/ea)
3. Koolaid is most expensive at Extra Foods (.49/ea) -- how can it be 6 cents more expensive at the SAME STORE??

But I remember when Koolaid was 16 cents each... SIXTEEN CENTS! Now it's 49 cents! That's quite an indication of the declining economy... or perhaps it's just an indication that it's been about 15 years since I purchased koolaid...

Now... what do I need various colors of koolaid for? Let me explain:

I'm off work this week... Thank God, because I don't know if I would have been able to make it to my August holida
y without this time. Since I didn't want to sit around and do nothing, I thought I'd do something creative and interested. So I decided to handpaint yarn. Not knowing a single thing about dying yarn, I researched online for a few evenings and finally decided on two methods. One was an acid exhaust dye, which requires you to wear a respirator for the preparation and is incredibly toxic. And one was Koolaid dyeing. I decided that I wanted to try both, because I doubt this will be the last time I dye my own yarn.
It's not a difficult process, using either method. For the A
cid Dye, you mix the powder (wearing your mask, and not using utensils you ever want to eat on again) and vinegar and hot water. After soaking the skein of yarn you want to dye in warm water and vinegar (I've heard anywhere from 30 min to over night... I soaked mine for between 30 and 90 min), you lay it out in a circle on saran wrap and paint on your colors. I learned a few things about yarn painting after I had finished... research is easier to understand and it's easier to find answers to specific questions after you've tried the technique. Anyway, once you paint your dye on (no details here... this isn't an instruction blog... I may write that later), you wrap the yarn in the saran and nuke it in the microwave for a while ( 2min, then a break, repeat three times). Once it's cooled, rinse and hang to dry. If you're too anxious (impatient) to wait for it to cool, dump out into the sink and rinse with water as hot as the yarn is (and it's HOT), and then gradually cool down the water and the yarn, otherwise it may felt.
The Koolaid method is a little different. The koolaid is mixed with 1/2 cup of water to each packet of koolaid (for stronger colors, 2 pkt to 1/2cup water). The yarn is
soaked in plain water and a drop of dishsoap for around 30min to all night. Then the yarn can either be handpainted again, or I tried the method where you throw the yarn into a casserole dish, cover with water and then pour the color mixture over it, careful not to stir... the yarn then bakes covered in the microwave for 5 min intervals until the water turns clear (about 15 min or so).
The next method I'm going to try is using food dye paste. I think I've learned a bit about what I need to do to not get muddy colors where they meet, and how to get longer stretches of color, so I'm going to foray into the world tomorrow for more yarn and try my hand again. It's rather fun actually... coming up with the color schemes, seeing your yarn come to life and then naming the colors. I ended up doing the purple/blue/red one twice because once it dried, I wasn't happy with the results... that's the other nice thing... it's pretty hard to ruin yarn... you can always overdye it, or add dye, or in the worst case scenario, you could mix up a dark blue, green or purple and just cover the entire ske
in... but the knitting style I like is not going to be too concerned with if the color variation is perfect...

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Better than a kick in the pants

I entered that baking contest... I came in THIRD! Which isn't really so bad for someone who's track record is as shady as mine!
I lost to a Bavarian Torte... which I ate a piece of later... it was a worthy win for her! I had to laugh tho... it was a baking contest in which the item had to have apple in it... and one person entered a pineapple upside down cake... LOL...not quite!
I've decided that one of the things I'm going to do on my holiday is hand dye some yarn... I think it would be really fun, and I'm interested to see how difficult it is...

One last thing for you... a picture of how I found Mr. Fluffypants this morning... oh, the life of a cat!

Friday, June 26, 2009

HAHAH! He's such a good sport... sort of!

Are ya freakin' KIDDING???

So this afternoon, after having a bit of a melt in my manager's office, which I'm sure half the floor heard, she decided that we needed to eat... Well, actually she found me sitting in my desk chair, with my arms by my sides staring off into space, after I retreated from her office, so she suggested that even if I didn't want to eat, I go downstairs with her anyway... Which I did... Well we ended up in Red Robin, where we had underwhelming chicken wraps... We sat and chatted for a long time, and were at the very moment discussing our high school years, when it happened.... the waiter came along to clear the table and ~SWOOSH~ an entire large glass of water and ice came FLYING across the table and landed (all probably about 2cups or so) in my lap... As it was slooshing over the edge of the table, the waiter was taking a break from reality, in where he started laughing and ran away to bring FOUR small napkins... and then used his bare hands to try and swoosh the water away from me... By this time I was hysterical with laughter, but my jeans weighed about 11 lbs... have you ever put wet jeans on right out of the wash?? Oh, admit it, you have! Or gotten caught in a torrential downpour and found yourself encased in wet denim? Ya, well that's how I spend the last four hours of my day... My manager had told me I could go home if I wanted, but I had things to finish up, and the moisture finally warmed up to my body temperature and it wasn't SO bad...

In other, better news, I have just made what I think is the BEST Apple Cheesecake EVER! It's at least 10 times better than the test run from two weeks ago and I'm CONVINCED it should win... well,not convinced, but I'd be very impressed if it did.. you see, my baking history includes accidentally putting Celery Salt in place of Nutmeg in Cinnamon buns, and lighting my oven mit on fire while making garlic bread... so I made this fantastic dessert (twice now) and there hasn't been any smoke or fire! And I put all the right ingredients in... I'd fall down if *I* won a baking contest. In true Princess Darcy fashion tho, I went to town on the presentation. I bought baby blue paper plates from the dollar store and 3D foil butterfly stickers. Then I put the stickers on the rim of the plate (two each, one big, one little). Then I bought small styrene apples from another dollar store and put toothpicks into the bottoms of them, made them a small waxed paper circle to sit on (so as not to poison people, if the styrene leaches) and I'll stab it into the middle of the square of cheesecake. I stand to win an Ipod Nano, so that would be cool... even tho I don't need one... it was fun finding the recipe, testing and refining it and then fooling around with the presentation.

I'm on holiday now until a week from Monday...

That's all

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Heard in Vancouver

This is from a while ago, but I thought I'd share:

Three Girls in a Sushi Restaurant

Girl 1 - Tell Girl 3 about your answer on the exam
Girl 2 - Oh! Hahaha! Well the question was: 'What is the one thing Human's can do, that no other species can do?'
Girl 3 - Oh... it's something to do with opposable thumbs, isn't it?
Girl 2 - Ya... that's not what I said
Girl 3 - Really, what did you say
Girl 2 - I said 'reproduction'. (side note from me: are you freaking KIDDING ME???... Kids coming out of our school system believe that humans are the only species that can reproduce??)
Girl 3 - OMG, that's so stupid!
Girl 1 - Ya, I don't think the opposable thumbs thing is true anyway... I know of some dinosaurs that have opposable thumbs!! (side note from me: you KNOW of some dinosaurs that HAVE opposable thumbs?? As tho there are dinosaurs roaming the earth right now that could flick a zippo and light the bush on fire??)

Anyway, that's what I heard the other day. I thought my head was going to explode because I was sitting across from them, so had I started laughing, they would have known! That happened the same day that a lady that works four blocks away from me came down to my office to pick something up... She proceeded to bitch about having to walk that far, which is her perogative I guess (it was only four blocks on a beautiful sunny day), but then she announced to me that next time she has to come down here (four blocks) she's going to get petty cash and take TRANSIT! LMAO... I couldn't keep a straight face for that one! TRANSIT?? To go four blocks? Are you joking? Sadly, she was not!

That's all

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Dear Stupid Morons!

Dear Furniture Movers;

I think I was a little bit harsh with you this morning... Even tho I didn't call you 'Friggen Morons' I think my attitude suggested that I felt that way.
When I came to work this morning, you had blocked off the entrance to my cubicle with a 36" round table... this did not impress me. I knew immediately what the table was for, but not why it was on the SIXTH floor, instead of the FIFTH floor, as the bill of lading indicated it should be. When I called your supervisor to get you to come back, since you also forgot to take the old table with you (from the fifth floor), he was very kind and sent you over right away. Apparently when you were here the first time, you asked the receptionist which table you were supposed to take away. You pointed to an orange and silver retro cart with drawers and asked if it was that... your delivery ticket said 36" ROUND TABLE. Lucky for you, she didn't let you take my cart... Can you read?

When you arrived back, you startled me, as I was taking a bite of my yogurt and blueberries when you stormed my cubicle... Your smell was rather unpleasant to say the least... Anyway, after I explained to you that the table was to go downstairs to the 5th floor, in place of the one there that you needed to take, you asked me to join you in the elevator. Since I didn't want this little charade of stupidity to go on for longer than it needed to, I decided to hold my breath and go down one floor to escort you.
It was quite disconcerting when you handed me your toolbox because I 'have a free hand' so you and your partner could ROLL the table on it's WHEELS through the elevator door. I might have dropped the toolbox a little hard on the elevator floor, but at that point your smell and the fact that you were too stupid to put the tool box on TOP OF THE WHEELED TABLE was overwhelming!
When you both got out of the elevator with the rolling table and stood in the hallway staring at me, I asked you if you wanted your toolbox... since I was in NO WAY going to pick it up. You asked me to grab it at which point I got out of the elevator and nearly let the doors close with it still inside... snapping at you on my way past that the table IS ON WHEELS! It does not require two people to HOLD IT DOWN while your customer carries your toolbox.. no my friend... it does not!

I opened the door to the office it was going in, and you tried to jam the new table into the tiny office before removing the old table. When I suggested that perhaps it would be better to remove the one first, you dragged the new one out into the hall and seemingly disappeared. When you came back, you had your toolkit and you flipped the WHEELED table over on to it's side and proceeded to start taking the legs off! WHY?? Why would you make ONE ROLLING PART into FIVE parts, that can no longer be ROLLED??? I told you that I didn't have time to stand in our director's office while you did that, and perhaps you could WHEEL it downstairs and disassemble it on the truck, if you really felt it necessary to take it apart. You were rather put out, but you did drag it out of the office and WHIP the new one in. While I was putting the director's stuff back where it belonged on his new table, you left. I THOUGHT you LEFT! Nope. You were in the hallway of the building, sprawled out on the floor, with the table on it's side and ALL your tools spread around you. Worse than that, you were completely blocking the door to the suite next to ours. They couldn't come or go. I told you that you couldn't block the door, and mentioned that perhaps you'd like to go disassemble the table on the truck, as I had asked. You seemed pissed, but you packed everything up and left.

When I came upstairs to let my manager know that the table was swapped, before I could say anything, she said 'so what's up with the table in the LOBBY!?? THE LOBBY? Oh yes, apparently, you decided to forgo my advice to just disassemble the table on the truck, so you pressed the table up against the doors to the BUILDING and proceeded to take the legs off. My manager couldn't get into the building and the guy coming off the elevator couldn't get OUT of the building. Are ya dumb? Seriously... are you?

Okay... I don't think I was too harsh with you... I think I wasn't harsh enough... ergo I will be phoning your manager.. a buddy of mine and tattle taling on your stupid, smelly asses!

Monday, June 8, 2009

More of the same

I'm a knitting machine! I had no idea I would love knitting as much as I do! I love seeing something come from nothing... and I love the final bindoff stitch when I can pull my needles free and twirl them around in the air... unencumbered by yarn and a fragile knitting project! I love washing the finished piece and laying it out to dry... (altho I'm a little impatient in the drying process and run into the room every 15min to touch to see if it's any drier!)
And, while it's tons of work, I love making the lining and sewing the pieces together and ending up with a functional handbag! I've made four now, three of which are lined, with handles and ready to use... two of which I've actually filled up with stuff and toted around with me. I've also made one full scarf, half a scarf (in progress) and have another two on the go... It's relaxing and rewarding... my mind wanders to things unknown, since I know my mind wanders when I knit, but I can't think of a single thing I've ever thought of...

Anyway, besides that, I've been busy at work, and trying to get things sorted out at home. Last weekend we powerwashed the bunker to get it all ready for our bbq this weekend. Had it not been for my migraines this weekend, we would have sanded down and painted the cabinet in the bunker. It's going to be red with a black wash on it (think antique asian cabinet) and we'll put something in the doors where the glass used to be... perhaps more glass? I think this will be a better storage solution for us outside. Not sure what is going in it, but I'm sure we'll think of something ;). I'm not crazy about getting rid of the old barnboard shelf that my G'pa made me, but it's sort of not really serving a purpose anymore and I would prefer the red cabinet instead.

Having a bbq this weekend with some friends in our backyard. I'm hoping to get the campfire pit up and running, but not sure anyone is going to be over that late... I might sit out there all by myself with my marshmallows... :)

Friday, May 22, 2009

The usual...

Mmmm Cottage Cheese and tomatoes! My favorite! And really, the only thing left in the fridge for lunch... poor planning on that part... but since we're going out for all you can eat sushi at my favorite sushi restaurant tonight, it's not like I'm going to starve... perhaps will be compelled to eat a Caramel Rice Cake for an afternoon snack later on, but resist this notion, because it always leaves the after taste of having licked 2400 envelopes or stamps. Yum!

Had what feels like a VERY long week, even though it was only four work days long... Last weekend was quite nice... went for sushi on Friday night with a friend, had my sister over for a bbq on Saturday so she could show me pictures of her trip to Utah and then went to a friend's house for bbq and games night on Sunday. Didn't do too much on Monday...which was nice...

Here's a funny story... so I've taken up knitting, which isn't really news to anyone. So I had my new cabled handbag with me on Monday and I came out of a store and this woman LEAPS from her van, wielding a MacDonald's Chicken Snack Wrap at me and screams 'OMG, I love your bag'!
Me: Oh, haha, thanks
Her: It's gorgeous, did you make it?
Me: Yes
Her: Wow, that's great. Can I come closer and see it
Me: Sure?
Her: Is it lined, can I look in it? (using the hand that's holding the mayonaissy snack wrap to gesture at the inside of my bag
Me: Um, yes it's lined... in silk... (pulling handbag out of her grasp)
Her: *goes on and on about how nice it is*
Her: Can I get to know you?
Me: What?
Her: My daughter would really love that bag!
Me: Oh ya...
Her: So, can I... get to know you?
Me: She would love it to buy? Or to make?
Her: Oh, to make... you could teach her!
Me: Tell her to take a knitting class!
Her:... oh..ya.. but... are you a professional?
Me: calling over my shoulder as I beat a retreat... no... no!

I swear not a WORD of that is made up! I got in the car and Boy's mouth was a gape in shock... I asked him if he put her up to it, because it was so ridiculous... but no... that was all her!

Other than that, and besides meeting literally the dumbest person on the planet last weekend, not much else to report.
This weekend holds another sushi night and then who knows... have to go shopping for clothes, because as I sit here, my jeans are sprouting a hole! Nice!
Plan on finishing my latest handbag, and then I have a couple to line and attach handles to... This knitting thing is FUN! I also have to go down to the knitting store in order to wind my 2000 yards of kid wool/silk blend for my new afghan... can't wait... it's going to be the lightest, delicate blanket, but incredibly warm because of the yarn... so luscious! I'm sticking to my promise to only have two things on the go at once... so I have my red handbag and my green lace scarf on the needles right now... if I could just get the darn scarf finished, I could add something else, but since I really don't have the budget for new yarn right now, I'll finish the bag and then start the blanket.

That's all~

Friday, May 15, 2009

Loooong Weekend!


Thank goodness for this long weekend... by the end of today I was swearing at my computer and everything was pissing me off... This weekend is going to be lovely! I have many things planned, not the least of which is knitting, lining my knitting, putting a handle on some knitting and going to buy a new pattern. LOL! Think I'm obsessed? Maybe... but I enjoy it!
Also on the sched will be two bbq's (one at the house and one at someone else's, where I DON'T have to clean up), all you can eat sushi, and some cleaning and relaxing!

I'm now off to sit on the bed with my ipod and my new handbag pattern and work a little before I get to bed... rivetting life, I know!

That's all


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Good Morning World!

Thanks BC, for sticking to the plan! In these 'tough economic times' switching governments now would have been disasterous! While the BC Liberals can't be everything to everyone, and there are undoubtedly some flaws in their ideas, the devil we know right now is way better than the devil we don't. Not to say that the NDP wouldn't have done some good things... for instance, I would have preferred to have them in power when my health care union contract comes up next year, but at the same time, who knows what messes they would have made, trying to 'fix' everything that's been done in the last eight years.

ALSO! Thank goodness that BC got their act together and voted down the electoral reform... there are many ways in which this would have been a terrible idea and many paragraphs I could write as to why, but alas, we won, so I'll leave it at that... we keep the status quo for another four years and hopefully we can gain some economic ground in that time!

I found a new knitting group, since my classes ended this past Monday. I found a free Monday night meetup at the same time the class was, and three of my classmates are going to join me, so that will be nice. Not that anyone cares, but I just got 2000m of cobweb weight Fleece Artist yarn for $20 from the yarn shop... I'm DYING to make something with it, but until I finish my newly started handbag and get the rest of my stuff lined and finished, it will sit... and I haven't wound it yet, so I am literally unable to start with it...

I have been knitting and using other people's patterns, trying to learn what I can and figure out how stitches work together etc... in order to eventually be able to design my own handbag... well, the inspiration came to me last night in the car, and I'm VERY excited about it. I can't tell you what it is yet, because of the 'idea stealers' out there, but as soon as I get the goods for it, and start whipping it up, I'll share. I'm convinced that EVERYONE is going to want one, and I could end up with a good deal going on. I understand that in the knitting world, people with good patterns, and ones that need extra notions are sold in kits, so if this works out and I can find the notions... I might make up a kit...

The black clouds are moving in like a heavy black freight train, so I'm not looking forward to going downtown and trying to find parking at 3pm when the street parking closes for my appointment... Maybe it will thunder and rain now and then clear up like a miracle for me... here's to hoping!

That's all

Monday, May 4, 2009

Wake up Webby! We're back in action!

It's been a while since there's been anything too interesting to write... I've thought a few times about some funny or ridiculous things that have happened, but sort of got to lazy to write anything. I've been on the hunt for a creative outlet tho, and have found knitting to be one of those things... and then realized that part of my creative outlet in the past has been writing and I pretty much dropped that a while ago... and it's time to pick it back up.

So a quick update to get everything up to speed... since the last time I posted, we were in another country!

Got back from Singapore and launched into Christmas/Birthday planning. Lucky for me, I had started a lot of it prior to leaving, so all the cooking/baking was already done and the lists were made and ready to go. Had my 30th Birthday party the week before Christmas and then the snow started to fall and we were housebound for almost two weeks. Pat and I spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day by ourselves, only going out of the house to his Grandparents for dinner and then home. We even had tickets to a hockey game for the day after boxing day and we tried like heck to get there, even going so far as trying to catch the bus or skytrain but were turned away at every attempt, so we ended up at home for the duration of the holiday. We filled our time shovelling and trying to get people to stay out of our parking spots whenever we did venture away from home.
January found us having my 'birthday dinner' in New West with the family and then not much else too interesting. We hung out with my sis and her man a few times in February and March.
In April we were out for a walk on a Wednesday evening and happened into this yarn store at about 830 at night. Fate brought me to the yarn store on the only night in the week they're open late... and I immediately fell in love with the yarn and signed up for a class immediately. I'm now on my second class, have completed a scarf for Boy and a handbag for me. On the needles I have a blankie for Kitty, a scarf for me, a dishcloth and two handbags. I'm a bit of an addict, but I do enjoy actually finishing the projects as much as I enjoy starting new ones, so I plug away.
The knitting turned out to be quite fortuitous actually, because for a long time I've been wanting to join a swordfighting class that's held during the week downtown. The deterrant was that I didn't want to drive home and back again, but I didn't have anything to occupy my time between 430 and 630... now I bring knitting to work and I can stay here and relax and knit a bit before the class, head down there and then go home. It requires a lot of thinking ahead, as I have to bring all my meals for the day to work, but I don't think it should be much of a problem. I'm the kind of person that can eat the same thing over and over again and not get bored, so spinach salad and goat cheese with cranberries and a toasted sesame dressing is one meal (dinner or lunch) and either chili or egg salad on rice crackers is my other meal. Breakfast has always been eaten here, so that's not a problem.

So that's the past and the present. The future holds a trip to the cabin to see my dad on the August Long Weekend and the week following and a trip to Disneyland in September with me and Pat and potentially his sister and friend and my dad.

That's it for now...