Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Good Morning World!

Thanks BC, for sticking to the plan! In these 'tough economic times' switching governments now would have been disasterous! While the BC Liberals can't be everything to everyone, and there are undoubtedly some flaws in their ideas, the devil we know right now is way better than the devil we don't. Not to say that the NDP wouldn't have done some good things... for instance, I would have preferred to have them in power when my health care union contract comes up next year, but at the same time, who knows what messes they would have made, trying to 'fix' everything that's been done in the last eight years.

ALSO! Thank goodness that BC got their act together and voted down the electoral reform... there are many ways in which this would have been a terrible idea and many paragraphs I could write as to why, but alas, we won, so I'll leave it at that... we keep the status quo for another four years and hopefully we can gain some economic ground in that time!

I found a new knitting group, since my classes ended this past Monday. I found a free Monday night meetup at the same time the class was, and three of my classmates are going to join me, so that will be nice. Not that anyone cares, but I just got 2000m of cobweb weight Fleece Artist yarn for $20 from the yarn shop... I'm DYING to make something with it, but until I finish my newly started handbag and get the rest of my stuff lined and finished, it will sit... and I haven't wound it yet, so I am literally unable to start with it...

I have been knitting and using other people's patterns, trying to learn what I can and figure out how stitches work together etc... in order to eventually be able to design my own handbag... well, the inspiration came to me last night in the car, and I'm VERY excited about it. I can't tell you what it is yet, because of the 'idea stealers' out there, but as soon as I get the goods for it, and start whipping it up, I'll share. I'm convinced that EVERYONE is going to want one, and I could end up with a good deal going on. I understand that in the knitting world, people with good patterns, and ones that need extra notions are sold in kits, so if this works out and I can find the notions... I might make up a kit...

The black clouds are moving in like a heavy black freight train, so I'm not looking forward to going downtown and trying to find parking at 3pm when the street parking closes for my appointment... Maybe it will thunder and rain now and then clear up like a miracle for me... here's to hoping!

That's all