Saturday, March 29, 2008

Girl sick... EW

Last night did NOT turn out the way I was planning.... The plan was to have lots of yummy dinner and I bought LOTS of yummy wine and we were going to have a nice girls night plus one boy in.
How it actually turned out was such:
We went and got our hair done... THAT turned out perfectly. I'm thrilled to death that I now have a hairdresser again. He's an excellent colorist and cuts hair amazingly with an ease I've not experienced in too many people. So we drank a bottle of wine, ate some very tasty chippees and got our hair done.... we both looked amazing!! so amazing in fact that when we were carrying our groceries and stuff home, some guy stopped on the street to ask us if we 'needed a hand'. haha! I'm 5'10 and K'pilla is over 6' and we're both pretty muscular and tough... not exactly wilting daisies... so we figured it must have been our magic hair that caused the question.
Anyway, we got home, got dinner started, drank another glass of wine and then because I'm lactose intolerant (among other things), I took my lactaid pills and we settled in to dinner... When I had that GI flu, I thought that the lactaid pills were giving my tummy a hard time, but I was sure the throwing up was due to the flu.... maybe... but apparently the pills make me throw up too! Dinner was cut short... I think we left at around 9.... and we had only gotten back to Pilla's at 815.... so not a long evening... but I was so sick I could hardly think straight... so I came home, shot some baby gravol and went to bed by 10... :(
We need a definate do-over! :(
Love you K'pilla!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Some learnin'

Some things I learned today:

i learned that lame 'non label' brand jeans can fool people into thinking they're a 'label'. Case in point. I today for instance am wearing jeans purchased from Reitmans. One of my co-workers, who only wears name brand denim complimented me on my jeans... and then moment's later, asked who made them.. where did I get them... I, never being one really for name brands (except lululemon really) find it hilarious to tell people that I paid $29.99 for them at Reitmans... the look on her face was funny...

I learned that you should definately not trust the creepy guy in the IGA deli when you ask him if there's any of your particular allergen in the salad... because quite likely he's too busy creepy-staring at you to listen to the question...

I learned that when you encounter people who you believe to be crazy, and unfair towards you, if you wait long enough, and are patient and true to your own person, you find out that there are people out there who sometimes have similar experiences and you realize that you were never really alone.

I learned that while there are many things that a girl may not want to go without, the one thing she should NEVER go without is a best girlfriend! A best girlfriend is like an electric blanket... like your flannel pj's on a shitty day... A best girlfriend is a place you can go when the rest of the world (or part of it) sucks and you know that there is rest and comfort and goodness there waiting for you.

I learned that when you try to maneuver things to have them go your way, when there's no other reason than really just being selfish, that it doesn't work and it usually turns around and bites you in the ass.

I learned that in fact it CAN snow when it's 4 degrees outside... and it can snow for HOURS!

I learned that when you go to the liquor store and get one old standby red wine and one of your favorite red wines, that makes two. And then when you see a third redwine with a cool label, you should be required to put one of the first two back. However, if you are not at the liquor store with anyone who WILL police you, then you end up having to pack 3 bottles of redwine on a hike through the city... and you realize how very VERY hungover you are going to be tomorrow.

That's what I learned today... later on K'pilla and Girl are going to go get their hairs done downtown and then we is going to go back to K'pilla's for Mexican Theme Night dinner and apparently a lot of red wine.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A Weekend of Weird-os

Not much to report on the home front from this weekend... Boy had a very nasty cold and Girl has allergies really bad, so we mostly kept to ourselves and entertained ourselves with trips to the mall and dvd's. Let me share some experiences with our trips to the mall.
Story 1: I bought glasses last week and they were ready to pick up, so on Holiday Friday, we went down to the store to pick them up. And I got saddled with the DUMBEST chick ever to try and fit my glasses. I swear, it was like she'd never seen a piece of eyewear before and she was just having a good time with the heating device and then shaping my glasses into origami. She wanted me to leave the store with one arm sitting about an inch above my ear and the glasses so loose, if I sneezed they would have gone flying. By the time I'd had enough, I thought Boy and I were going to have to draw straws to see which one of us got to clock her! So the next day we went back to the store to get someone else to fit them properly. had there been no one there, I was ready to take my new designer glasses to Lenscrafters and have them fitted THERE! But the girl that sold them to me was at the original store, thank goodness. While I was waiting for her, Dumb came over and tried to convince me to let her keep 'helping' me. I politely declined, saying that she had spent over 30 min trying to 'help' the day before and I would prefer someone more qualified. So when the girl was done with her customer, she came over and I explained the fit problem. She knew right away how to fix the problem and got busy doing it. That's when Dumb leaned in to her and started to whisper about me... in front of me... where I could HEAR! So, politeness aside, I leaned over the counter and said 'I don't think it's necessary for you to talk about me. I can hear you. I'm sure that [name removed] can figure out how to help me without your input.' My glasses now fit quite nicely, altho I would like them a bit tighter, so will probably get them adjusted when I'm back at the mall sometime in the next few days.
Story 2: So I'm standing outside of HMV, with a new HMV purchase in my hands, waiting for Boy to meet me. This woman (I shall call her Sketch) comes up to me and the following conversation ensues:
Sketch: Can I ask you a question
Girl: Sure
Sketch: Okay, well, see, my boyfriend {looks over her shoulder} oh, okay, well my boyfriend who's walking away, he needs to find some bills. I mean, his family is having an Easter Scavenger hunt and um, well one of the bills that he needs is um well an HMV bill. Can I have yours?
Girl: No
Sketch: Well, you don't need it do you?
Girl: Yes, I do. If my purchase fails to work, then I'll need the reciept to return it.
Sketch: Oh. Okay {walks away and shakes head 'no' at boyfriend who is hiding behind a pillar with a goofy look on his face}
So Boy comes back and I share the details of the story with him. I personally thought that they watched us pay for our purchases and knew we used debit and wanted the receipts to do identity theft. Boy tho, said that they probably wanted the receipts so they could go into the store, take whatever we bought and then when the sensor goes off, produce the reciept and say that they bought it... thereby stealing the item. That makes sense. GAH... you can't go anywhere without someone trying to pull of some type of scam!
Story 3: So after our HMV experience, we decided to frequent Chapters. As per norm, we split up and I was standing near the front of the store reading titles of paperbacks on the Best Seller racks. And this Chapter's employee comes over to me, stands right in my personal bubble and this conversation ensues:
Employee: You look REALLY confused
Girl: Thanks
Employee: Are you finding everything you need
Girl: Yes
Employee: Are you sure I can't help you find anything? Cause you look REALLY confused
Girl: I'm FINE!
So I went over to Boy and asked him if I looked confused... I guess by then I may have... What kind of moron says that? No hello, or anything... just the insult of apparent confusion.
By then I was ready to go home and hide from the world... I think I may have had my 'crazy' cape on... cause they were all OVER me!

Happy Easter!

P.s. If you have a kitty... you should buy KittyWipes... I used one on Cat this weekend, cause I was petting him and he was gritty and filthy... It's like a baby wipe for cats... He normally doesn't like it when I 'do' anything to him, but he seemingly enjoyed the Kittywipe...Just FYI

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Awkward and Uncomfortable

Have you ever had a friend who you put off calling and put off calling, until it seemed weird and awkward to actually make the call and you never really ended up speaking to that person again?
Well, it seems as though I'm in that very situation. Not with my friends, who I do call. (or text... it IS 2008!)
It seems that I'm in that position with writing and exercise.
I used to write every day... not anything of much substance... just in an old blog, which is still out there... taking up space in internetland. I would chronicle my day to day existence... the funny things that happened, things I was feeling etc... Then along came facebook and the new overshadowed the old and I stopped updating my blog... That was about a year ago... A LOT has changed in the past year, besides Facebook. I've been traveling internationally. I've fallen in love. Boy and I moved in together and ended up with Cat to take care of. I quit my hateful job and got one that most days I love. So I can't blame it entirely on Facebook...
But now I realize that even though things have changed, and there's plenty that I don't want to share for all the world to see, I miss writing on my little piece of cyberspace. So, I think that I'll try writing every day. And I'll try not to expect the next great Canadian novel out of myself, but instead to know that I enjoy writing and it's sometimes helpful to put your thoughts and intentions down in writing.

I also pretty much stopped exercising... This does not make me feel warm and fuzzy. In fact it makes me feel fat and ugly... now before you start commenting to the contrary, this isn't a plea for a compliment. People's priorities change over the weeks and months that they are out there in the world living. It's fair that sometimes exercise isn't a priority... it will now have to become one, unless I want my new priority to become having to buy new clothes. I'm not sure why my desire to run changed into a desire to not run... I know that it was much more difficult when they cancelled our exercise program... I did try to find something new, but the 'magic' of what we had didn't follow us to the new program and trying to form a bond with new people at 5 in the morning when the weather sucks is very difficult. And now, that I haven't really done much short of a few runs in the last while, it feels awkward and unnatural to go back to doing it... much like that friend that you don't want to call after too long...
Will exercise take me back? Will it welcome me into the inner circle with open arms and once again challenge and push me to new levels of success and growth? Or will it thwart my every try, only to make me seek comfort in the arms of my sofa... I once had what I thought was an unbreakable bond with exercise... will exercise be able to forgive my absence and not make every step from now till a year from now the most painful experience I've ever had... is exercise spiteful like that? We shall soon find out.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Use a little discretion would you?

Standing in line at the grocery store... just behind the cashier at the next lane over
Manager comes to the cashier the next lane over and the following interaction between her, the cashier and I takes place
Manager (in front of customers) ~ I'm going to have to TALK to you!
This is WRONG! You do NOT do a gift card like this...
(waves reciept at cashier) See this! Here! Look! THIS is supposed to be authorized....
Continues to berate cashier in front of customer
Holds customer 'hostage' while explaining to the cashier her mistake on the reciept like she's a moron.
Flicks cashier's 'open' light off and waits for her to finish with the last customer
~~ By this point the cashier (a super shy, head covering wearing middle eastern teenager) hasn't said a word and the manager keeps going and going about her mistake and how she's going to have to TALK to her...
By this point I'm surprised the the girl hasn't cried and I feel like if I don't say something to this manager she'll just keep going...
Princess ~ Excuse me
Manager ~ Yes
Princess ~ I don't mean to be rude, but maybe you could use a little more discretion before chastising the cashier in front of a customer
Manager ~ Oh, it's okay
Princess ~ Um, NO it isn't!
Manager ~ Maybe I need to work on my delivery
Princess ~ Maybe you could just wait until there are no customers around before you talk to her, I'm sure it didn't make her feel very good
Manager ~ It's fine
Princess ~ No, it ISN'T! How would YOU like it if someone was chastising you in front of your employees! (which I was doing)

GAH! What a stupid bitch! I should have gotten her name and written an email... If there's one thing I can't stand, it's when people don't ensure that before they point out an employees mistake or something, that they are ALONE with that person... without their co-workers, customers etc... around... have a little respect for someone's feelings! No one likes to be chastised... of course if you make a mistake, as the cashier may have, it needs to be brought up and the proper course of training should take place... but running up to a till with at least three customers around (two in her line, me and then who knows how many people I didn't notice) and practically shouting that she needs to be SPOKEN to is unnecessary....
Plus, I could tell from the girls demeanor and probable cultural differences that she wouldn't stick up for herself...even tho she was visibly upset....

Yesterday Sister and I went out to Stanley Park and ran an 8km run to benefit Prostate Research... it was a nice day and we both finished in an hour, give or take about 90 seconds either way... Next run will be a few months from now and it'll be 10km along the beach... Hopefully I won't have been sick for 4 weeks prior...

Not much else going on... Cleaned the apartment top to bottom today after work... and made what should be a DELICIOUS crockpot dinner for tomorrow night... with MASHED YAMS! ILOVEYAMS!
That's all~

Friday, March 7, 2008

An Addendum

I just found this quote on Comrade GoGo's site... And it spoke to me, so now I, through her, will speak it to you

You’ve got to let it all be a lesson to yourself that no one else gets to write your definition. Ever.
Thanks GoGo... it's always a good time to hear that!

Twisted Analogy

Last night I engaged in the excersise of cleaning out my makeup kit. This was necessary since two of my eyeshadows smashed and everything in my case was covered in a fine powder of sparkly green and pink... Sometimes it's nice to pull everything out and take stock of what you have...I realized that there was make up detritus in there from who knows how long ago... colors I don't wear anymore, broken shadow pots, empty or mostly empty lipgloss etc... Quite interesting how sometimes we take stock of what's in our makeup kit more than we take stock of what's in our lives... When was the last time you looked around at your friends, your bills, your house and took stock? Do you take stock of what's important to you never, seldom or often? My opinion is that we are healthier people if we take stock of our surroundings and what's important on a regular basis... Granted, this doesn't create the 'wow' effect that you get when you don't do it very often, but wouldn't it be better if your makeup kit was always clean, tidy and up to date? Rather than having to spend time and money replacing damaged, out of date stuff, wouldn't it be better to maintain it?
Maybe my analogy is a little screwy, but I think that if you think about it, it makes sense...

This weekend doesn't hold much in the way of plans... tonight we're making dinner and then going shopping. Tomorrow hopefully we'll find something to do... I have to take my bracelet to the jeweller to get fixed... Not happy about not having it for six weeks, but I don't want them to just replace it, which they've offered to do, because then it wouldn't be the one that Boy brought me back from Bangkok. Sunday I'm doing some stuff with the sis and then maybe a nap.. and that's it for plans.

It's gloomy out... I wouldn't be adverse to sitting at home with some tea and a book and the kitty, but that seems a little dull.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Be Kind

Okay... I thought this was going to be a private blog, but apparently people are getting 'annoyed' that they had to keep on logging on and off.... so I'll try this whole 'public' thing... be gentle kind strangers!

Okay, so before I can get to TILT (Things I Love Thursday's), I have to have a little vent. For three months I've been having a personality conflict with someone at work... Today she told my boss that I'm an obnoxious, abrasive, condescending disrespectful bitch and she refuses to work with me or speak to me! Now, this wouldn't be that big of a problem, only she's SUPPOSED to be my MENTOR! That's right! I was hired partially so I could learn from her... Due to a number of reasons, she won't be around the organization forever. So her JOB is to teach me... and now she wont speak to me... she'll only speak OF me... to say mean things about me to my boss! I realize that none of it is true, but it's still a real shot to the self esteem to hear that kind of shit about yourself....

So now, to make myself feel better... or at least to distract myself from my woes and stomach ache for a short time... I give you TILT (Thanks Tarable and LadyShanny)

Almost all of my items have a link in the Things the Princess Loves list to the right.

CO Bigelow Brown Sugar Face Scrub ~ This is the most amazing facial scrub I've ever had the fortune of using. It's a fantastic superfine brown sugar scrub that literally melts into your skin as you exfoliate. It moisturizes and exfoliates and it smells fantastic! Use this on your face and the CO Bigelow Lemon Sugar Body Scrub on your bod and you'll never have to see the spa lady again!

Sugar Free Vanilla Coffeemate ~ for those of us watching our weight and allergic to dairy, or even if you're interested in cutting out some dairy, this is the 'cream' for you. I personally use the powder as it's more convenient at work, where I drink the majority of coffee, but it comes in the liquid as well. Mix with Nescafe Rich Instant coffee in your travel mug for a sweet caffinated treat in the morning.

West Wing ~ I realize that this show is now off the air, but dvd! This show will change your life! I wish there were more shows like this still on tv.... for the very reason that there arent is why I don't WATCH tv very often.

Cocktail Buns~ BEST THING EVER! Chinese cocktail buns are the best! NOT good for you, since they're mostly sweet bread filled with coconut and sugar and butter.... but I love them! Washed down with a Strawberry Bubble Tea! I love being Waysion... (White Asian) ;)

Maybe my list is a little all over the place... I love a lot of things, but I could barely think up these four... come back next week and I'll tell you more about the things I love...


Wednesday, March 5, 2008


I've noticed a disturbing trend with the coming of spring and the sunshine.... This trend rests entirely with women... and that is HOOKER HEELS! I've seen more than my fair share of women who have busted out the chunky, too high, platform patent heels on women who shouldn't be wearing them... in the middle of the day! That's right... apparently it's okay to wear Eff Me Heels to work! I gather from what these women are wearing that they're not actually hookers or any similarity of such... more office workers and retail employees. I don't remember this phenomenon ever happening before and I can't quite figure out what's causing it. This winter hasn't been that bad... really... a few more snowy days than one might prefer, but it's been better than winters memories of the recent past... now, I guess you could say that winter has been more horrible than any other, due to the summer (or lack thereof) that we Vancouverites experienced, but I still don't think we've been so deprived as to feel it necessary to dress like a hooker in March...
If women feel it necessary to express their thrill at spring's arrival, what exactly will they be wearing come Summer? Nothing? Leather studded bustiers and fishnet stalkings??

I have an appointment for all my immunizations on Friday... I think I'll probably go to the appointment and describe my massive tummy problems to them instead and then reschedule the stix for another day... That's the nice part about working for a medical establishment... you have people at your service. Hopefully they can give me a referral to some specialists and allergists so that I can get my problems figured out. I think having been sick every day for a year is enough time, and it's gotten exponentially worse in the last month... Time to get some things sorted out.
I'll be taking Kitty to the vet pretty soon too... now that he has health insurance I can take him to the vet to find out what his twitch is about... he had a really bad one when I was petting him today.... :(
That's all for me... Usually by the evening I've forgotten how snuggly my bed was in the morning... I either feel really miserable or it was especially comfy, cause I've been thinking about getting back in all day! A day FILLED with back to back to back meetings... 10-430 meetings... good times!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

$3 Roses

That's right... $3 roses... You'd think they looked like $3... but they don't! I bought myself a dozen rozes, peeled off the sort of sad petals and I now have a bouquet of gorgeous rust colored orangee-red roses! This, the best part of an afternoon that spiralled out of control... After having been compared to a dog in front of three people I have to work with, missing lunch, having a stomach ache and then standing in uncomfortable shoes on concrete for an hour waiting for someone to open a door I needed open, I figured splurging $3 on a bouquet of roses for myself wasn't too ridiculous. I also spent a few bucks on some lactose free cheese and sour cream and made some of the best burritos that I've had in a while!
Boy is out this evening, so it's just me and the kitty... only the kitty went outside and hasn't come back... Last night he snuggled with me and then this morning he held my head down on my pillow with his paw and groomed my left eyebrow... that was weird...

Not too much else going on... I'm trying to get some customization stuff done to the appearance of the blog, so I'll leave you for now...

Monday, March 3, 2008

Back at it

Dear BlogWorld....

I know I've been away for a long time...well a year almost... and I may not have too much to say all the time, but I feel like we need to renew our relationship...

I hope some of your friends will come by and make me feel at home...

Glad to be back~