Monday, March 10, 2008

Use a little discretion would you?

Standing in line at the grocery store... just behind the cashier at the next lane over
Manager comes to the cashier the next lane over and the following interaction between her, the cashier and I takes place
Manager (in front of customers) ~ I'm going to have to TALK to you!
This is WRONG! You do NOT do a gift card like this...
(waves reciept at cashier) See this! Here! Look! THIS is supposed to be authorized....
Continues to berate cashier in front of customer
Holds customer 'hostage' while explaining to the cashier her mistake on the reciept like she's a moron.
Flicks cashier's 'open' light off and waits for her to finish with the last customer
~~ By this point the cashier (a super shy, head covering wearing middle eastern teenager) hasn't said a word and the manager keeps going and going about her mistake and how she's going to have to TALK to her...
By this point I'm surprised the the girl hasn't cried and I feel like if I don't say something to this manager she'll just keep going...
Princess ~ Excuse me
Manager ~ Yes
Princess ~ I don't mean to be rude, but maybe you could use a little more discretion before chastising the cashier in front of a customer
Manager ~ Oh, it's okay
Princess ~ Um, NO it isn't!
Manager ~ Maybe I need to work on my delivery
Princess ~ Maybe you could just wait until there are no customers around before you talk to her, I'm sure it didn't make her feel very good
Manager ~ It's fine
Princess ~ No, it ISN'T! How would YOU like it if someone was chastising you in front of your employees! (which I was doing)

GAH! What a stupid bitch! I should have gotten her name and written an email... If there's one thing I can't stand, it's when people don't ensure that before they point out an employees mistake or something, that they are ALONE with that person... without their co-workers, customers etc... around... have a little respect for someone's feelings! No one likes to be chastised... of course if you make a mistake, as the cashier may have, it needs to be brought up and the proper course of training should take place... but running up to a till with at least three customers around (two in her line, me and then who knows how many people I didn't notice) and practically shouting that she needs to be SPOKEN to is unnecessary....
Plus, I could tell from the girls demeanor and probable cultural differences that she wouldn't stick up for herself...even tho she was visibly upset....

Yesterday Sister and I went out to Stanley Park and ran an 8km run to benefit Prostate Research... it was a nice day and we both finished in an hour, give or take about 90 seconds either way... Next run will be a few months from now and it'll be 10km along the beach... Hopefully I won't have been sick for 4 weeks prior...

Not much else going on... Cleaned the apartment top to bottom today after work... and made what should be a DELICIOUS crockpot dinner for tomorrow night... with MASHED YAMS! ILOVEYAMS!
That's all~


ladyshanny said...

People are ignorant! Good for you for sticking up for her! I'm sure she appreciated it. I sometimes wonder what goes on in the heads of people who just sit there and take it....are they screaming obsenities in there? Or are they berating themselves for hours afterwards?

Tarable said...

YEAH! Nice work Princess Darcy. I love that you said something instead of just walking by. Even if the manager acted like "it's ok" at the time - hopefully you gave her something to think about later.