Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A Weekend of Weird-os

Not much to report on the home front from this weekend... Boy had a very nasty cold and Girl has allergies really bad, so we mostly kept to ourselves and entertained ourselves with trips to the mall and dvd's. Let me share some experiences with our trips to the mall.
Story 1: I bought glasses last week and they were ready to pick up, so on Holiday Friday, we went down to the store to pick them up. And I got saddled with the DUMBEST chick ever to try and fit my glasses. I swear, it was like she'd never seen a piece of eyewear before and she was just having a good time with the heating device and then shaping my glasses into origami. She wanted me to leave the store with one arm sitting about an inch above my ear and the glasses so loose, if I sneezed they would have gone flying. By the time I'd had enough, I thought Boy and I were going to have to draw straws to see which one of us got to clock her! So the next day we went back to the store to get someone else to fit them properly. had there been no one there, I was ready to take my new designer glasses to Lenscrafters and have them fitted THERE! But the girl that sold them to me was at the original store, thank goodness. While I was waiting for her, Dumb came over and tried to convince me to let her keep 'helping' me. I politely declined, saying that she had spent over 30 min trying to 'help' the day before and I would prefer someone more qualified. So when the girl was done with her customer, she came over and I explained the fit problem. She knew right away how to fix the problem and got busy doing it. That's when Dumb leaned in to her and started to whisper about me... in front of me... where I could HEAR! So, politeness aside, I leaned over the counter and said 'I don't think it's necessary for you to talk about me. I can hear you. I'm sure that [name removed] can figure out how to help me without your input.' My glasses now fit quite nicely, altho I would like them a bit tighter, so will probably get them adjusted when I'm back at the mall sometime in the next few days.
Story 2: So I'm standing outside of HMV, with a new HMV purchase in my hands, waiting for Boy to meet me. This woman (I shall call her Sketch) comes up to me and the following conversation ensues:
Sketch: Can I ask you a question
Girl: Sure
Sketch: Okay, well, see, my boyfriend {looks over her shoulder} oh, okay, well my boyfriend who's walking away, he needs to find some bills. I mean, his family is having an Easter Scavenger hunt and um, well one of the bills that he needs is um well an HMV bill. Can I have yours?
Girl: No
Sketch: Well, you don't need it do you?
Girl: Yes, I do. If my purchase fails to work, then I'll need the reciept to return it.
Sketch: Oh. Okay {walks away and shakes head 'no' at boyfriend who is hiding behind a pillar with a goofy look on his face}
So Boy comes back and I share the details of the story with him. I personally thought that they watched us pay for our purchases and knew we used debit and wanted the receipts to do identity theft. Boy tho, said that they probably wanted the receipts so they could go into the store, take whatever we bought and then when the sensor goes off, produce the reciept and say that they bought it... thereby stealing the item. That makes sense. GAH... you can't go anywhere without someone trying to pull of some type of scam!
Story 3: So after our HMV experience, we decided to frequent Chapters. As per norm, we split up and I was standing near the front of the store reading titles of paperbacks on the Best Seller racks. And this Chapter's employee comes over to me, stands right in my personal bubble and this conversation ensues:
Employee: You look REALLY confused
Girl: Thanks
Employee: Are you finding everything you need
Girl: Yes
Employee: Are you sure I can't help you find anything? Cause you look REALLY confused
Girl: I'm FINE!
So I went over to Boy and asked him if I looked confused... I guess by then I may have... What kind of moron says that? No hello, or anything... just the insult of apparent confusion.
By then I was ready to go home and hide from the world... I think I may have had my 'crazy' cape on... cause they were all OVER me!

Happy Easter!

P.s. If you have a kitty... you should buy KittyWipes... I used one on Cat this weekend, cause I was petting him and he was gritty and filthy... It's like a baby wipe for cats... He normally doesn't like it when I 'do' anything to him, but he seemingly enjoyed the Kittywipe...Just FYI