Thursday, March 6, 2008

Be Kind

Okay... I thought this was going to be a private blog, but apparently people are getting 'annoyed' that they had to keep on logging on and off.... so I'll try this whole 'public' thing... be gentle kind strangers!

Okay, so before I can get to TILT (Things I Love Thursday's), I have to have a little vent. For three months I've been having a personality conflict with someone at work... Today she told my boss that I'm an obnoxious, abrasive, condescending disrespectful bitch and she refuses to work with me or speak to me! Now, this wouldn't be that big of a problem, only she's SUPPOSED to be my MENTOR! That's right! I was hired partially so I could learn from her... Due to a number of reasons, she won't be around the organization forever. So her JOB is to teach me... and now she wont speak to me... she'll only speak OF me... to say mean things about me to my boss! I realize that none of it is true, but it's still a real shot to the self esteem to hear that kind of shit about yourself....

So now, to make myself feel better... or at least to distract myself from my woes and stomach ache for a short time... I give you TILT (Thanks Tarable and LadyShanny)

Almost all of my items have a link in the Things the Princess Loves list to the right.

CO Bigelow Brown Sugar Face Scrub ~ This is the most amazing facial scrub I've ever had the fortune of using. It's a fantastic superfine brown sugar scrub that literally melts into your skin as you exfoliate. It moisturizes and exfoliates and it smells fantastic! Use this on your face and the CO Bigelow Lemon Sugar Body Scrub on your bod and you'll never have to see the spa lady again!

Sugar Free Vanilla Coffeemate ~ for those of us watching our weight and allergic to dairy, or even if you're interested in cutting out some dairy, this is the 'cream' for you. I personally use the powder as it's more convenient at work, where I drink the majority of coffee, but it comes in the liquid as well. Mix with Nescafe Rich Instant coffee in your travel mug for a sweet caffinated treat in the morning.

West Wing ~ I realize that this show is now off the air, but dvd! This show will change your life! I wish there were more shows like this still on tv.... for the very reason that there arent is why I don't WATCH tv very often.

Cocktail Buns~ BEST THING EVER! Chinese cocktail buns are the best! NOT good for you, since they're mostly sweet bread filled with coconut and sugar and butter.... but I love them! Washed down with a Strawberry Bubble Tea! I love being Waysion... (White Asian) ;)

Maybe my list is a little all over the place... I love a lot of things, but I could barely think up these four... come back next week and I'll tell you more about the things I love...