Thursday, June 25, 2009

Heard in Vancouver

This is from a while ago, but I thought I'd share:

Three Girls in a Sushi Restaurant

Girl 1 - Tell Girl 3 about your answer on the exam
Girl 2 - Oh! Hahaha! Well the question was: 'What is the one thing Human's can do, that no other species can do?'
Girl 3 - Oh... it's something to do with opposable thumbs, isn't it?
Girl 2 - Ya... that's not what I said
Girl 3 - Really, what did you say
Girl 2 - I said 'reproduction'. (side note from me: are you freaking KIDDING ME???... Kids coming out of our school system believe that humans are the only species that can reproduce??)
Girl 3 - OMG, that's so stupid!
Girl 1 - Ya, I don't think the opposable thumbs thing is true anyway... I know of some dinosaurs that have opposable thumbs!! (side note from me: you KNOW of some dinosaurs that HAVE opposable thumbs?? As tho there are dinosaurs roaming the earth right now that could flick a zippo and light the bush on fire??)

Anyway, that's what I heard the other day. I thought my head was going to explode because I was sitting across from them, so had I started laughing, they would have known! That happened the same day that a lady that works four blocks away from me came down to my office to pick something up... She proceeded to bitch about having to walk that far, which is her perogative I guess (it was only four blocks on a beautiful sunny day), but then she announced to me that next time she has to come down here (four blocks) she's going to get petty cash and take TRANSIT! LMAO... I couldn't keep a straight face for that one! TRANSIT?? To go four blocks? Are you joking? Sadly, she was not!

That's all