Wednesday, June 15, 2011

O'Dark Thirty

why yes it IS six am!  Okay, not anymore, but I got up at 5:20 today, was at my carpool partner's house at 6:20 and at work at 6:45AM!  WHY?!?  At least it's sunny (ish) and not raining!  Sharon had a meeting that started at seven and since we carpool, here I am too... not that it's a bad thing... I have an appointment at 3:15 so I'll leave a little early and avoid having to take any doctor appointment time... thus avoiding the attendance police!
I was standing in the shower staring off into space and attempting to wake up by telling myself... 'self... it's okay...even tho you rarely ever actually do this, if you're very tired when you get home from work and counselling, you can go straight to bed'.  It's a tactic I often use that seldom results in me actually going to bed at 5:30pm (not that THAT has never happened before!).  But then my more alert side said this:
"THE CANUCKS ARE GOING TO WIN THE STANLEY CUP TONIGHT!  YOU CAN'T BE IN BED!!! WHEN IT HAPPENS!'.  And that was the finite end to trying to trick myself into being awake and happy about it.
I'm impressed with myself tho for having the wearwithall to actually assemble my home made lunch today, even tho it wasn't even six am.  I made a chicken salad sandwich on sourdough bread.  I'm usually at this point not too disturbed if I have to go to whole foods to get a salad, but today at lunch, besides wanting to knit on my obsession, I have to finish fixing the sock for Sharon that I promised to do ages ago.  Her new puppy ate part of the top cuff of her hubby's hand knit sock, and I fixed it.  Today at lunch, before I can knit on my obsession (which probably won't happen), I have to cast off the socky and weave in the ends.  I may have made a small mistake with the sock and accidentally moved the ribbing over one stitch on one half of it, but I'm told no one's going to notice or care... I think the problem is that I added a few stitches when I picked up the ripped out section... which was easy to do... whomever made this sock had a very 'unique' way of weaving in the ends...
The last thing I want to say is that just because something SAYS 'All Natural' doesn't mean it's going to be good for you or taste good.
I'm referring to Umpqua Oats.  They sell them at my coffee shop and I had heard that theyr'e decent.  I bought the Monkey Bars flavor, which was chocolate/coconut/peanut butter because... well you all know my weakness for peanut butter.  HOWEVER!  Partially defatted peanut powder is NOT peanut butter!  The entire thing was difficult to choke down, tasted a bit like cheap chinese food (peanut powder is used in some dishes) and so synthetic.  So I checked the ingredients (a little too little too late.)  Please tell me what is natural about the following ingredients:
Chocolate Liqueur (from the chocolate chips)
Soya Lecithin (I'm sure at some point natural, but quite a ways from the grown state of soy)
Partially defatted peanut powder (WHAT?)
Again I'm reminded that checking the ingredients instead of blindly following the 'marketing' is 10 seconds well spent!  BLECH!


Karen said...

It's going to be a stressful evening at our home - I am rooting for the Canucks and the hubby is rooting for the other guys...