Tuesday, June 7, 2011


I'm attempting to find a good color to paint my living room... Currently I have a 'mural' of sorts on the one wall and I've decided that I'm tired of looking at it.  The whole room is a soft creamy white color, with creamy white velvet drapes (yes, it's awesome!) and everything else is brown.  The TV nook is brown (this is actually a closet that I took the doors off and painted the interior brown), the sofa is brown, the coffee table and storage thingy are brown.  So I decided I needed to infuse a bit of color (and paint over the, in my opinion now, ghastly mural!
So the other day I was eating a chocolate bar... not the best choice, I will give you that, but highly inspiring.  See the chocolate inside was a dark gorgeous brown color and the wrapper was Seafoam with white accents.  So I've decided that the best choice to paint in there is one wall (with the tv nook staying brown) in seafoam.  It's actually called 'poolside blue' and if you wanted to look it up on the Benjamin Moore website, the color code is 2048-40.  It's more of a blue toned seafoam and it's a totally crazy nutso color but I don't care! 
I'm also going to give up my fish.  I'm not sure how exactly but they're going to have to go to a new home.  I like them and the cat likes to torment them but I don't take excellent care of them because I've just had too much stuff going on and now I just feel enormous guilt toward them.  I want them to go somewhere that they're taken care of and appreciated.  Plus, I continue to call their tank a 'cage' in casual conversation, which I think somehow disqualifies me for fish ownership.  If you want or know of someone that wants them, they have a medium sized tank, foliage, rocks, an aerator thingy (makes bubbles... they like to play in the bubbles), a light, and a pump and filter set up.  I also have the hose thingy for cleaning the tank, extra filters a brand new container of food and all the stuff to keep them happy.  They're free to a good home and given the location, I could probably also be convinced to drop them off.  I'll even clean their cage out before they go!
My friend Glenda and I are going to take to dyeing some yarn one of these days pretty soon.  I'm quite excited about it, ever since I put the whole shebang in a box and forgot about it after my last highly unpleasant experience.  We've gotten all the dyes we need and I have plenty of bare yarn to play with.  I'm looking forward to it!
AND!  The best thing ever is that I bought two little plants yesterday!  One little basil plant and one herb Dill plant!  They're currently in their store pots waiting to be transplanted... they'll be waiting a couple weeks unless I get up the courage to go under the stairs and fetch out a terracotta pot (which I know I won't, because SPIDERS!).  I love them and am going to feed them miracle grow and love them!


Glenda said...

Wait, I thought you said you weren't going to paint anything?! :)

P'cess said...

I wasn't, but... Now I might... I need drastic change and seafoam is drastic!