Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Done and Bombed

Sock is done.

I also just got my tags last week and found just enough thread in my Namaste Buddy Case to sew one on to the sock.  They're fabulous, and I have a way of maximizing how many you get for your dollar!  I paid for 300 and ended up with 600... smart!


Shannon said...

But if SCOD means what I think it does, you've put it on something that isn't originally yours?

Cool tags though! I want one on both of my hats, please.

P'cess said...

Indeed it does. But it's touching a section I knit. Plus itwas a joke ;). I can put them on your hats for sure. Bring your hat on the 28th. You can resist taking pics now till the tag is on :)

Shannon said...

I want a buddy case, where does one get??