Monday, June 6, 2011

It hurts... IT HURTS!

The Canucks are supposed to be blowing Boston out of the water... are they?  No!  They're behind 4-0 in the third period!  One player gave another player a potentially life changing check that ended with a Boston player in the hospital and the 'nucks have fallen apart!

While they were falling apart, I was overhauling the ol' blog!  I needed a new format... I'm attempting to begin a somewhat new life and since I'm committed to blogging, I figured some new scenery wouldn't hurt.

I'm going to put a pillow over my head and hope that the Canucks get it together...



Tarable said...

The blog looks lovely!

(The Canucks do not.)

Shannon said...

Like the new digs!! As for the Canucks, they just want to win The Big Mug at home.