Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Smidgeon Obsessed

Uh... so I decided to challenge myself by doing something a bit different with my knitting.  I my friends, took on colorwork.  The first project wasn't that big... just one little fingerless mitt.  I figured if I sucked (altho, in knitting, that doesn't really happen to me, thank goodness), I wouldn't be out a ton of time... Then I knit the matching pair and I got good tension, both mittens were exactly the same size and they fit perfectly!
Then I decided to knit a matching hat.  There was no pattern for the hat but I winged it, having already knit about 194,693,236 hats already.  That worked out too!  I mean, I knit the whole thing a bit too small for my head but I'm sure it'll fit 'someone' and the colorwork was just as successful!

THEN, I realized that I wanted to knit a pattern I've been dreaming about since I started knitting.  A beautiful traditionally shaped mitten with a gorgeous colorwork pattern in one of my favorite designs in nature... Fiddleheads.  
I mean seriously!  Look how beautiful!  These are not mine, but there's not much to see on mine yet...  I did want to knit mine in this exact colorway but the yarn is no longer available.  I threw a TANTRUM last week... there was crying and everything!  Mine will be a nice light gray background with beautiful teal patterning.  And they are lined inside.  Mine will be lined with a charcoal gray 100% alpaca, because why the heck not!  They're going to be amazing!

Folks.... I'm smitten!  I'm only half way through the first mitten and I've already started scoping out Ravelry to find other more wonderful mitten patterns to make!

And now it's up to you.... to let me know which ones you think I should knit next!  SO EXCITING!


Amber said...

Ooh! Ooh! The colorful dotted one. THAT ONE.

chemicalika said...

I like the black and white snowflakey one.

Also, from the little teaser picture you posted yesterday, your fiddlehead mittena re going to be prettier than the others. The colour combo is gorgeous!

Sister said...

I like Picture 3...the grey and red.

P'cess said...

Why won't anyone vote for the PEACOCK! THINK OF THE PEACOCKS!

Kat said...

I was just about to vote for the yellow and blue ones, but then I had to go back and look at which one the peacock ones were! Since I'm on my iPhone the image was small! But anyways youve probably knotted all of them by now!