Sunday, November 27, 2011

On a lighter note

Thank you to everyone who read and emailed or commented on the last blog.  Also to those of you that I had the pleasure of speaking to in person.  I'm not very good at showing my weakness, altho from what I understand, everyone has them... even invincible me.  Thanks for taking care of that part of me last week!

On a lighter note, I indulged in some retail therapy yesterday.  Glenda and I went downtown to go to one very terrible craft fair and one pretty awesome craft fair.  On the way we HAD to stop in at Button Button and Dressew of course!  The unfortunate part of the entire day was that it was torrentially downpouring on us the entire time and we had to park pretty far away from all the places we went.  By the time we got to the coffee shop, we were wet, freezing and starving!  Glenda treated me to my first eggnog (skinny) latte of the season and it was divine!  The skinny means that it's half eggnog and half milk. The perfect combo if you ask me... I prefer my food and drink to have more of a 'scent' than a flavor so it was nice to have the 'scent' of eggnog but not be consuming piles of heavy dairy/sugar calories!

Anyway, we went to Button Button and sat in front of the big bin digging for 15 cent buttons.  We both managed to find some awesome ones and we were pretty lucky to find a decent amount of multiples too!

I also bought some bug buttons.  A real crab and a real scorpion suspended in epoxy.  So cool!  Not sure what I'm going to put them on tho... they're each between the size of a quarter and loonie and they need to be front and center for sure!

We also went to Dressew and I bought ribbon to modify my big pink squishy shawl (which is currently blocking) and some more buttons.

  In other crafting news, I've started and gotten about half way on a gorgeous hat for a friend.  I somehow managed to convince him that this gorgeous dark cherry red color would be amazing on him and more interesting than black... It really is going to be beautiful and it's very hard to take a color accurate photo so you'll have to forgive me.  The yarn is Indigo Moon fingering weight in WestCoast Sunset colorway and it's divine!  I'm holding it double to get closer to a light worsted and make sure that there's no pooling or flashing... 
The pattern is a combination of a few patterns.  1x1 twisted ribbing for the brim and a P8xKtbl1 twisted 'rib'.  I'm knitting it inside out because who wants to purl that much!  So I'm knitting 8 and purling 1 through the back loop.  The pattern I'm basing the decreases on decreases pretty fast so you have to knit to 6.5 inches from the cast on edge rather than the standard 5" before decreases.  I hope this fits... I do NOT want to rip out or redo twisted ribbing... really!