Sunday, November 20, 2011


One of those lazy days where this entry is the exact same as the one on my other blog... Sorry Shanny!

Yesterday Shannon and mom and I went pottery painting for our birthday ‘event’.  It was a lot of fun and while I do in fact have ‘before’ pictures, they will not be available until we have the ‘finished product’ pictures… some of the pieces are hard to visualize ;)
Then we went for lunch and to my friend Sharon’s art studio to say hi.  When we were driving there, I took my iphone out of it’s knitted cozy so we could text to see if she wanted anything.  I wasn’t really paying attention when we parked, and I threw my phone into my purse and popped out of the car.  When I got inside, I wanted to take a picture and noticed that my phone wasn’t in it’s warmer.  Again, not really paying attention, we went back to the car, drove off and went home.
Today I went to that same area with Sam and mentioned that I thought my cozy was lost on the street… I went looking for it, not expecting much… and you’ll never guess what I found… in the gutter, almost completely covered in leaves and debris was my sweet little phone cozy.  I was so excited (and also trying not to get run over) that I didn’t take a picture of it in situ.
There’s not much wrong with it other than it was dirty and the pretty pearl button was squashed flat.  I brought it home, picked all the leaves and debris off it, removed the squashed button and gave it a bath.  It’s currently drying on the radiator in my room, but otherwise it’s good as new!  This is a picture of the new matching button that wasn’t run over a whole bunch and a picture of the button that WAS run over a whole bunch.
Next up on the list of updating is that I finished the matching hat to my Lovisa mittens.  It worked out perfectly and I STILL have more of that purple yarn left.  I may save it for something very special because I really like the color!
And finally I would just like to say that I put flannel sheets on my bed for the first time since I’ve had this bed.  That’s about 12 years of having the world’s comfiest bed but being terrified to put flannel sheets on it… only because I was scared it would be TOO comfy and I wouldn’t want to get out.
Well, this morning, I was talking to Sam and the only way I could think to describe the amazingness of the sheets was ‘It’s like someone made the fluffiest, softest chocolate cupcake and then cut it in half and stuck me inside!  I think I hear it calling me right now!


Shannon said...

LOL! No fair!

In unrelated news, can you put a SCOD tag in the smaller kitten hat?