Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Finally Finished and Just Started

Good morning!
Here's a parade of pictures from the hat I just finished.  Forgive the quality... living here in Vancouver means that it's dark when I leave for work and dark when I get home... so taking photos is pretty difficult.  The hat was very well received and fits perfectly, which I'm so releived about because it was touch and go in my head.  I think it's going to be very well used.  When my friend tried it on, he only had it on for less than a minute and declared it 'very warm'.  It was knit at a very tight guage, partially by accident... that means that even tho it felt like a knitting black hole, it's also very warm and should keep the wind and rain out!
Also, a progress picture of my first Fiddlehead mitten.  It's made out of Cascade 220 but it's so soft and squishy thanks to the floats across the back.  When I get the alpaca lining in there, it's going to be like heaven on my hands!  It's pretty slow going tho... I'm hoping to have the outer mitts knit by the time we hit the road to San fran.  I'm going to block them first and then pick up the lining stitches.  My plan is that I can knit the lining in the car if it comes to that and then wear them in SF. 
More pictures as they grow... they're a lot of fun to knit... each round goes so quick it seems...



Caroline said...

Love that hat....great color!