Tuesday, May 18, 2010

You want a hand knit lace stole??

I'm stealing this from Yarnpiggy because she's smart and I don't have time to go around finding cool things to repost... So thanks Hilary!

Okay, so go HERE and put a bid on one of the most beautiful shawls you ever did see!  It's lace and it's Wollmiese, which for you knitters need not be described, but for you non knitters, just know that it's one of the most sought after and ridiculously hard to get items out there.  They're fundraising for the Ride2ConquerCancer and both their hubby's are riding hundreds of miles a day in order to raise this money!
So, get over there and make a donation.  Not only will you win the stole if you're the highest bidder, but you'll get a tax reciept and the fabulous feeling of making a contribution to a disease that touches everyone, regardless of borders, economic status and gender.  Screw Cancer!  Now go!