Saturday, May 8, 2010

That was kind of rude, don't you think?

Okay… so I went to an art opening tonight.. it was a blast. While we were standing outside under the tent (inside was blazing hot) we happened to be standing in front of a sewing ‘lounge’ type place that is going to open this month… we were sort of chatting and I was looking through the door to see what they were doing… they had tons of nice fabrics and stuff already… anyway, after standing around for about an hour, my friends convinced me that it would be okay to knock on the door, since we could see the two women inside. And this is what transpired:
Me: Hi! I just was noticing your store and was wondering when you were opening. I have had this idea to do a similar thing with a knitting lounge where people could bring their wheels and spin or sit and knit etc… it’s a great idea you have and a great space.
Her: Uh, ya… thanks. Here’s a card. (sort of ushers me out the door)
They paper up the fricken window on the door so that we can no longer see inside!
Obviously she was less than interested in having people show an interest or talking to people, but it was super rude I thought to then go to the effort of papering up your window… I was rather offended.
Then the following conversation took place between our group of people as to whether me trying to show common ground by saying I wanted to do a ‘fibre lounge’ was rude, or that they were just not interested. Thoughts?
All I know is that I have no real intention of patronizing their shop when they open… and I sort of want to say who they are here, but that seems rude…

Aside from that, the opening was fabulous, I loved all (most) of the art, I met some nice people, we had some great (apparently obnoxious) laughs and I drank a LOT of hoppy beer!