Monday, May 3, 2010

WHAT? Really?

Okay... I failed miserably on the blog week thing... I got three out of seven done... not even 50%. In my defense, I hardly ever write more than once or twice a week, so it was a success in that. but then I got bored of the questions and when I wanted to copy and paste sections out of other people's blogs, that's when I knew that I was probably tired of doing it.
Boy finally got a day off that was also my day off... Except for one day in February, we haven't seen eachother during the day since Boxing Day. Let me do the math for you. Prior to yesterday, we got to see eachother ONE day in 19 weeks! NINETEEN! That means that I hang out by myself on Saturday and Sunday until five or so and he hangs out by himself on Tuesdays and Thursdays until I get home around five or so and then the other days we both work till five or so... it makes quality time hard to come by... and this makes me sad :(

Anyway, we DID get to hang out together yesterday and it was great. I got up at the crack of dawn tho and got all ready to go out to sit in a lineup and knit with my friend Leone for a few hours before the craft fair we were going to opened. The first 30 people in line were to get a skookim swag bag with items in it from each vendor in a hand made bag... When we got there at 745 (the show opened at 10), there were already over fourty people in line... FOURTY! That's crazy. I mean crazy as in completely ridiculous! The first batch of people had been there since SIX AM! Now, I know we were planning on being there early and waiting in line and for both of us, it was more for the social aspect.. quiet morning, nice cup of coffee and some knitting and chatter. When we walked in, there were already so many people it felt like we were half asleep and they were shouting 'party's started!!!'. So anyway, there were a goodly chunk of people that waited in line for FOUR HOURS to get this freebee. In my personal and slightly hostile opinion, I hope the people that showed up there at six am were wildly disappointed! Not because I think the freebies should have sucked, because they shouldn't, but being THAT competitive sort of sucks the joy out of the whole thing. We found out that person 30 and 31 actually sprinted... as in RACED to get the 30th spot. Um, what? Come on! Anyway, Leone and I left and went to Bon's for breakfast and since their service is rather slow, we managed to get our coffee inspired knitting on...

At tenish I went home to pick Boy up and we went back to the craft fair, hit up another one, went down to Chinatown, Downtown Vancouver, Main St and then out to Coquitlam to get my car ( which now doesn't drive like it has a square tire) and I had a nap, we had dinner, watched a bit of tele and then went to bed. All in all, a very nice day that we spent together!

Now. Here's my other beef about something that happened yesterday at the craft show. When we were waiting to get our admission, there was a woman there who was doing a fund raiser for VoKra (Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Assc.). This woman was the editor or owner or employee or something of the Vancouver Fashion magazine (which I've never heard of). Anyway, she was selling a magazine she paid her own money to print and all the proceeds went to Vokra. Nice idea and how generous!. Except! She said she printed two years of the magazine into one copy as a limited edition thingy and that's what she was selling. Um, two years of fashion? Really? Because fashion changes quarterly if not faster and I do not understand how you can print two years of fashion... unless it was the last two, in which case, why would you want that? Is she pioneering enough to know what fashion is going to be in two years? Is she psychic? Is the the one that decides what fashion trends are going to look like? Because if not, why would I want a two year subscription to a fashion magazine all printed up three months ago? I don't get it. I would have gotten it if she said 'here's a double issue' or 'here's a look at where we think fashion is going based on the europeans' or something, but what she said is she printed up two years worth of fashion... No thanks!

There's a chance I'm being a big jerk, but I sort of dont' care. I mean I"m not a jerk, obviously, but I feel like being snippy today!

In knitting news, I'm knitting what may possibly be the most fabulous shawl you've ever seen! The yarn (dyed by my friend), the color, the gauge, the pattern and everything are working perfectly to give me what appears to my eyes (maybe not someone that can predict two years of fashion trends) a fabulously vintage shawl. Honestly, it's my consuming passion at this point! Loving it!

The weirdest thing just happened. I sit on the sixth floor of a six floor building. The wind just blew a delivery slip for the Globe and Mail onto my window sill and then held it there, against the window... for like a minute... how bizzare!


yarnpiggy said...

I love this post and your hostility and snippy-ness. Seriously. LOVE. :o)

Q and I decided that while getting to the craft show at a smidge past seven made for an experience, the SWAG wasn't worth it.

monnibo said...

Knit & Crochet Blog Week? Don't worry... I didn't even like all the questions so I only answered the ones I wanted to. They weren't very unique.... no offense to the creator.

Shannon said...

Nice job on the new layout, how did you get it to work?