Thursday, May 27, 2010

Helllloooooo Kitty!

Yes!  I did knit a Hello Kitty Hat!  In fact I knit the hat portion (and the ears) last August and then I got bored and decided it was dumb.  So I tried to throw it out.  It got rescued from the throw away bin and then I entered a contest where you have to finish something started ages ago. I figured that last August was ages ago so I knit her bow, wove in all the ends (OMG, the ends!) and put her face on.  I like it good enough, but I'm sending it to my friend.  Maybe she'll wear it, take pictures and then send it to her friend who can take pics with it and then send it to her friend....because lets be honest... NO ONE needs a Hello Kitty hat in their wardrobe for keeps.  Or she can keep it... I don't mind!


Yonners said...

It's cute! Though I agree with the wardrobe comment. You should take a picture of Smugkee wearing it!

Um... my verification word is pochi.