Friday, May 14, 2010

Two in one day??

Just came back from a lovely evening out.  We went out of sushi at our favorite sushi restaurant Tokyo One on W 10th and Trimble.  It was great.  We know the owners and they're fantastic!   Anyway, right beside there is the new Urban Yarns shop, so we went in and hung out with the ladies for their grand opening in the new store!  The new store is beautiful!  There's a crystal chandelier and the walls are a lovely icy blue with a HUGE painting of the Eiffel Tower hanging behind the register.  They have their yarn beautifully organized into sections (such as the 'sock section' and the 'Sirdar section', so things are super easy to find and there's WAY more room in there!  Love it!  That's the location that Smungkee Bean hung out in for a week and the minute I walked in the door they asked for him to come back. I agreed, since he is pretty cool and his job of holding down and protecting the knitting area can probably be taken care of by me and the cat for a duration.

I also finished another shawl, as mentioned below, so I thought I would post a couple pictures.  Please ignore the hole I knit into the was an accident and I will probably try and fix it (hide it) at some point...

It was 3'6" wide and 16" deep when I took it off the needles and it was 6' wide and 2' deep when I took it off the blocking board.  It's sprung back a bit with wearing, but it's superwash, so I knew it would.  The color is true in the top picture.

My friend and I are going for a walk around the Stanley Park Seawall tomorrow... 10km at the crack of dawn... can't wait!