Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Shitty weather? Time for Knitting Bread

Woops... did I say knitting bread?  I meant knitting... and baking bread!  Or did I?

Last night I whipped up the second batch of dough from my Artisan bread in five minutes cook book.  It's sitting on the counter rising as we speak... I'm perfecting the recipe... what I mean by that is this time I put in enough yeast, but the lid on the container I bought doesn't seal well, so the dough became a bit dried out while in the fridge overnight.  I've combatted that in the meantime with plastic wrap, but I really should just get a proper dough bucket... apparently they have them at Williams-Sonoma.... and because I am physically made of money, that is exactly where I will buy my dough bucket... NOT!  LOL... I will try walmart first!

I've also been epically knitting along on my blanket.... partially because I want to get it done and partially because I did something yesterday that shall not be spoken of, but requires that I finish the damn thing quicker than originally hoped for... way to go me!

I have to put the dough baby in the oven in five minutes, so I'm off to clean up my kitchen and play with the blankie while it bakes... but I shall leave you with this:

Knitting with dough, while difficult is do-able... I did three backwards loop castons and one and a half rows of garter stitch.... and then the whole thing stuck to my plastic needles and I got mad and ripped it off.  Evidence suggests that you can also weave with dough... so I did... note the fringe!

Oh and I'm doing this for a contest I'm in... I'm not really nuts.... sort of!



yarnpiggy said...

Dude -- a "proper dough bucket"? Seriously? Sounds like a clever way to part people from their money.

The woven dough is cool, though. :o)

Shannon said...

What contest are you claiming to be in that requires you to do yarn handicrafts with dough?

You are weird.

P'cess said...

I am not 'claiming' to be in a contest, I AM in a contest... but it's on my Ravelry site and you can't get onto it... :(
I've taken nudey (implied) pictures of myself rolling around in my yarn, knitted with food, written haikus, flashed my works in progress and other such fun... I'm winning!