Friday, March 11, 2011

What's up.

I've been very good in the last little while about not casting on new projects.  This may not seem like an accomplishment to you, but I have literally 2 projects right now plus my Girasole (which never counts in the project count because it's too big and there's no way I would ever knit monogomously on it).  I'm working on my purple Sugar Maple Shawl, which is coming along excellently!  I've gone back (as have a couple friends) and fixed any mistakes as they happen so it's looking excellent!  I knit on it mainly at work, because I can get one whole repeat done on my lunch break and it doesn't require a TON of concentration.  The other one I have on the needles at the moment is my Jarod Flood Guernsey Wrap.  I've joined the second ball of yarn and have completed the first two repeats of Chart A.  I can do one whole stitch pattern repeat (either ribbing or basket weave or the hateful diagonal rib... oooh how I hate diagonal rib!) in one sitting, easily, so I've given myself that task... one stitch section and it's horizontal rib per day and I'll be done the whole thing by around March 26th, which is before the new KAL and also probably the quickest I'll have ever knit something that is 800 yards... in fact, since this quarter's KAL is Jarod Flood patterns, I will have done two!  Granted, the first one was Terra and I started that in December, but because I waited forever after I snapped the cable, I guess it sort of counts as having gotten done during the KAL.
The voting is still open on the April-June KAL, but I think based on a vote of 14-5, we're looking at doing the Tree of Light triangle shawl with Spring Leaves as it's rectangular counterpart (same stitch pattern, so participants can make it in either the rectangle or triangle shape) for the knitting portion. The crochet portion was already picked and didn't need a vote, and it seems that the crocheters are happy with the choice!  I just purchased 1163yards of sport weight alpaca in a dark charcoal gray for mine.  I'm planning for the rectangle version (since I have a LOT of triangle ones!) and if all goes according to plan and research, it should end up at about 7'x2.5', which will be a really nice warm cozy shawl/wrap!  Baby alpaca is soooo soft!  I know it sheds a lot too, but I don't really care! 
My friends Sam and Denise and hopefully Pat are going to the USA tonight to do a Trader Joe's run and Safeway... I usually really look forward to the drive down, cause Sam's car has heated seats in the front, but I may be relegated to the back, which means no heated seats... perhaps Denise and I will have to duke it out ;)