Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Completely Obsessed!

Yes, that's right... completely! Now, to be fair, I do have a bit of an addictive personality. It's why I've chosen to never even try drugs... not that I've wanted to and denied myself, but knowing that I am a sort of 'all in' type of person, I know that the mere thought of doing something that's already inherently addictive is just a terrible idea.
This part of my addictive somewhat obsessed personality means that I get something stuck in my head and it's hard to shake...


Now, normally I'm a wine drinker... In the winter I like to drink Australian Red (Shiraz, Cab, Shiraz/Cab and Malbec). In the summer I like to drink Gallo White Zinfandel. But lately I've been more obsessed interested in drinking beer. You see, Pat doesn't really drink and unless I don't have to work (or function) the next day, I don't like to open a bottle of wine because then I feel compelled to drink the whole thing. Beer is the answer to that! I've become particularly consumed interested in drinking Granville Island Lions Winter Ale. It's only a limited time offering... I've brought it in my bag to work today to share the last two with my friend at dinner tonight, and I'd totally take a picture to show you, but it seems wildly inappropriate to pull it out of the bag, as as I may have mentioned, I work in an open cubicle plan where the dividers between cubicles are only 42" high, so you can see EVERYTHING!


I'm not kidding! Normally, one wouldn't think of this as a problem, because if you like something that is commercially available, you would just toddle down to the store and buy yourself one... the problem here is that this particular sandwich, made my this particular grocery deli does not exist in my country. I'm in Canada. Fred Meyer is in the USA. Granted, it's not that far from here (maybe a 30min drive altogether), but it's completely unreasonable when gas is $1.29/lt to go for a 30 min drive each way to get a sandwich! But it's not just any sandwich! They have perfected the art of making chicken salad. The chunks of chicken are the perfect size... not so tiny that it's like goop, but not so big that they fall out. They use the perfect amount of mayo with chopped up celery to bind it together and it's nestled (yes! Nestled!) in a fluffy croissant! I pick the tomatoes out because I feel that chicken salad should be lettuce and the salad itself only, but if you like tomatoes in your sandwich, these have been tasted by a friend and rate as yummy, so they're not woody and tasteless! All of this is then tucked inside a plastic sandwich bag and put in the cooler. This causes the croissant to soften just enough that it's flakey and delicious, without being crumbly (which I hate about croissants!) I put a tiny touch of salt on mine and voila! All this for $3.49! Here at home, if you can even FIND a decent chicken salad sandwich, they're more like five or six bucks! I think about this stupid sandwich all. the. time! I had it on Friday when we went down to the states and I bought an extra one to have the next day (smart!). I used to like the chicken salad that they made at Safeway and would purchase a scoop of it and a package of tortilla wraps and that was a good substitute but now Safeway doesn't make their chicken salad with mayo, they use a pre-packaged 'chicken salad flavored sauce' which doesn't taste gross but I find really unsettling. It behaves as more of a coating rather than a binder, so making a sandwich with it is almost impossible because you're basically trying to balance the (too big) chunks of chicken on the bagel/bread. (See! I'm clearly obsessed with it, since I just wrote a very long paragraph about the sandwich and chicken salad in general!)


I put the 'bagged' part in the header because I happen to really enjoy stale food. I leave cereal, chip and cracker bags/boxes open on purpose. I used to make popcorn (when I was single and the only one to care) one day and then leave it in the bowl to get stale and eat it the next day. The thing about bagged popcorn is that even when you open a bag, it somewhat replicates the staleness of day old popcorn. Don't get me wrong, I love fresh popcorn cooked by Patrick on our stove, but most of the time I'm just as happy with bagged! The Smart Food popcorn takes the cake as far as bagged popcorn! It's perfectly seasoned and each piece is perfectly rounded and puffy. I have to show a bit of restraint around the popcorn because I do enjoy it, so I dump some into a soup bowl from the bag. Last night I had two bowls! I want some now!


Oddly, not a food, given the rest of the items that I'm currently obsessed with! I may have mentioned this the other day, but the last time I was at Dressew I spotted some chocolate brown flannel with pink iced cupcakes on it and I want to make pajama pants (and maybe a pajama top... like a V neck scrub top!) Dressew is downtown and I don't really GO downtown... in fact I usually try to stay as far away from downtown as I can... When I do go, I like to go first thing in the morning on a Saturday (because Dressew keeps very weird hours and are not open on Sundays) so that there aren't too many people in the area and I can get in and get out. This Saturday, my friend Glenda and I are going on an excursion which probably won't include Dressew, so it'll be another week of being completely obsessed with cupcake flannel!


Glenda said...

Is this recipe close to the croissant sandwich version? Maybe you could start with this, and then experiment from there?
(I saw the little sandwiches you were talking about on their site, but I couldn't find a proper recipe for them) :)

P'cess said...

Sadly, no :( It's probably the same as the mini croissants you saw (but the one I like is the full sized sandwich).

I don't think they make it with the rotisserie chicken cause it's not really salty... I also think that they might blend/pulverize some chicken into the mayo, cause it's thick but not super mayonaissee...
Also, they don't put any spices or seasonings in... I've opened and inspected one...
Experimentation is in my future!