Monday, March 21, 2011


I decided that the way to figure out how much farther to knit my Spun Sugar wrap was to cut the yarn, make the tassels and then knit till I run out of yarn.  Sounds perfect!  Turns out that tassels don't take up THAT much yarn, so I might be knitting for a while ;)
I guess tassels would take up a lot of yarn if you wanted great big ones but the bigger they are, the heavier and I didn't want heavy ones... I wanted short, stout puffy ones!

So I held one strand of my shawl yarn (Diamond Yarns Lima) together with one strand of Kreinik Polyester Metalic thread in a deep purple.
Now I'm really excited to finish my shawl because the tassels turned out GREAT!  Pat said it was going to look like a magic carpet and that's sort of what I wanted... something a little interesting and out of the ordinary... plus, the whole thing is in a rich purple... and everyone knows that magic carpets are purple!