Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Dang it!

I've been poisoned!
So I went to knitting last night... like I do every Monday night.  I was proud of myself because instead of having a 'treat', I decided to have a soy DECAF Mocha Bianca (White Chocolate Mocha).  I was smart and brought my to go cuppee in to the coffee shop in order to save waste (and because my super duper awesome Thermos brand to go cup with 'Theramax' technology keeps coffee nice and warm (and sometimes when you get coffee in a big bowl/cup, it cools off very fast.  Voila I thought to myself!  A nice liquid treat that will stay warm the entire two hours, which means I won't suddenly desire a treat about 830!  Oh how that all went wrong!
First of all, the 'Theramax' was not at all necessary, since my beverage was exactly two degrees cooler than it would have to be to self combust!  Funny, I thought to myself, soy doesn't usually taste good once it's been nuclearized... this tastes fine... one teeny tiny sippy at a time! 
I confirmed that this was decaf, as I always do, because there's nothing worse than accidentally drinking a caffinated bevvy right before bed!  So, as I sat and neurotically knit (since I'm on a magic carpet deadline), sipping on my molten beverage I started to notice that it was REALLY REALLY REALLY sweet... so sweet in fact that I could barely choke down the tiny sips...
Oh well, I thought to myself... more time to knit.... 
And then knitting was over and I ended up rudely bolting out of the coffee shop as my poor tummy twisted into agonizing knots.... could it be?  Oh yes!  Why didn't the twice baked soy taste funny at that temperature??? Because it was MILK!  P'cess does not NOT drink milk!  Dairy is somewhat verboten to my body and while I do choose to indulge, MILK is not where it's at! 
As I raced home to lay on my bed and moan, I started to feel somewhat energized... I stayed up till 1030 making tassels for the magic carpet... I played scrabble... I layed in my bed with my eyes closed and willed myself to fall asleep... It wasn't happening... what was happening was a SUGAR HIGH from the way too sweet bevvy.... I was flopping around in bed like a gymnastic fish out of water, feeling like I'd been soaked in sugar and lactose! 
Total, epic fail!  I should have had a tonic water and a treat!


Glenda said...

I hope you're feeling better today - Milk can be really evil! :(

PJ said...

Oh NOOO!!! I hope you're feeling better!

Which I'm assuming you must be feeling somewhat better, since this post is SO brilliantly written! :D

P'cess said...

I'm feeling better, just a bit on the 'need to lay on bed' side...

Milk IS evil!