Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Kauni and pretend juice

I got to work about 35 minutes early today... I will not be able to go home 35 minutes early. This sucks! It's also snowing on the mountain outside my office right now... We're trying to set up a spring 'along' for our members and it's SNOWING here! It's hard to write 'what spring means to me' when it's still snowing!

I went to my knitting group last night, even tho I pretty much had to be shoved out the door kicking and screaming. Not because I don't like my group... I do like them all a lot! More because I decided that I should have a nap before I went and I was so cozy and sleepy that I didn't want to go out. My back was hurting for some mysterious reason and I had an upset stomach. I went anyway and actually had a lovely time! I also unvented a new drink that I thought you all might like to know about. It's very low in calories and zero fat and quite refreshing (if you are aware of what you're getting... it's shocking if you didn't quite know what you ordered).

Do thus:

1 can of Tonic water (which is not like club soda... no no it is not!)

1 pump of raspberry syrup from your favorite barista (20 calories, 0 grams of fat)

Scoop of ice

This tastes exactly like Ruby Red Grapefruit Juice. Not kidding. It's amazingly grapefruit-ish while having none such flavor! This would have been good for me to know years ago when I was on The Pill and couldn't have Grapefruit or it's juice (it lowers the effectiveness of many medications including birth control pill, due to the acid in the juice changing the absorbtion of your medication into your body).

I believe I will be partaking in this particular unvention a lot during the summer! Also, it will prevent Malaria... which obviously is a massive concern here in Vancouver BC in 2011!

I am still knitting on the baby blanket. I have 8" to go before I can start to decrease. The rows are getting very long! Hoping to get it done by the end of the week so I can go back to my purple sugar and my GW... I have a fabulous new project for our K/CAL group to cast on April 1 and I'd like to have some items done by then! Also, we just got all the colors of Kauni in at Urban Yarns and it's inspired me to bust out my two cones (one EQ - rainbow) and one in the dark charcoal/purple/light gray colorway...

Any suggestions on what I should make?


Glenda said...

Hey, don't knock the Malaria resistance - you never know when you're going to have to make a quick trip to some malaria-infested country! :)

Glenda said...

PS: I think you should give your grey/purple Kauni to me, and then you won't have to endure all the stress of deciding what to do with it!