Monday, June 18, 2012

Some things just don't translate...

So instead of the big ranty rant I was going to write, I'll tell you about my weekend and show you pictures instead.
His Royal Catness allowed me to sleep in on Saturday.  Partly because we had to be up whining and fooling around for an hour at 3am...
It was a LOUSY weather day out, so I stayed in my jammies and tottled from the sofa to the bed and back again until 3pm when I had a shower and boarded a bus bound for downtown. My friend picked me up and we went out for dinner and then to her studio to work on our art projects.  Mine is all done (I think) and waiting to come home and find a place on the walls of the fabulous new pad!
On Sunday, Sam and I went out for brunch... what was supposed to be an hour close to my house turned into three hours miles and miles away from my house with an accidental bridge crossing thrown in for good measure!  When we were all done, Sam dropped me off in a little shopping district near his house and I poked around for a while before I hopped on a bus to go home.  I put that in there because those of you who know me in  the real world know that until about two months ago, I was VERY anti-bus... not interested, had a car thank you very much... but now, I love the bus and I take it everywhere I can!
While at the little shopping district, I found a great big white serving bowl on clearance at Homesense.  It ws $10 and perfect to plant a succulent garden in.  I contemplated doing this myself, but then with the cost of the dirt, moss, tools, plants and the fact that I'm not exactly all that talented when it comes to gardening, I took the bowl to a little flower shop and twenty minutes later had a work of art to call my own.
After heaving the 40lb bowl of wet dirt home on the bus, I decided to do some 'home improvements' before I took a shower and got some stuff done off my list of things to do before Dad gets here. 
So I screwed the seats to the dining chairs (finally) so we don't have an accident... hung a huge painting up in the entrance in order to hide the electrical panel, oiled the small table in the entry way and then went outside and painted and stained an antique chair that my Grandpa gave me.  I don't recommend spray painting when it's windy out... there's spray paint on my glasses... whoops!
The chair used to be in pieces, with pieces missing and the entire thing was coated in many many layers of very old oil paint... so many layers of thick old paint that the carving on the back rest was almost invisible... So my grandpa stripped that part of the chair, made replacement pieces for the parts missing and then I spray painted the body black and the back rest was stained to match the chairs in the dining room.  It's now a gorgeous little chair sitting in my bedroom.  It belonged to my Great Grandparents, where it lived in a cabin on a lake for years... My grandpa was going to throw it away as he wasn't interested in stripping all the paint off the turned spindles... I spotted it in his workshop at Easter and now it's got a new life in my home.
Other than that, I spent some sofa time and some knitting time and then went to bed early...
Tonight is grocery shopping and laundry.

Apparently my Dining Room is 'sophisticated'.



Glenda said...

This was a very calm post... makes me wonder what your ranty rant would have been about! :)

Tarable said...

Very cool peice of artwork!

Shannon said...

I want the ranty rant too, please. ;)