Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Ranty Rant

So a couple of you wanted to know what my big rant was that I decided not to post the other day.
Basically the people in my building are pigs.  They throw plastic bags and fast food wrappers into the recycling... and old lamps... Instead of putting the newsprint in the newsprint bags, they crumple it up and throw it on the floor.  This type of assinine behavior makes me crazy... partly because it's slovenly and partly because they're doing it knowing that once a week our landlord comes and cleans it all up.
A coworker of mine was listening to me rant and rave about this and told me that I'd have to 'get used to' that type of behavior because it's the 'landlords job' to take care of it.  I mentioned that whenever I'm in that area, I tidy up the recycling and put the garbage in the garbage etc... partly because it embarasses me that people are such idiots and partly because the entire building is my home and I don't particularily like going down to do laundry and finding a weeks worth of detritus in the recycling bins.
The rant was that I was being told to 'get used to being complacent' because now that I lived in an apartment building, there was no need to worry aobut that type of thing... I think that is a disgusting attitude.  While I'm not going to get bent out of shape if I don't clean it up one time, and I don't think it's expected of me, I ask you this... if we all decided to be complacent in our lives because we expected someone else to take care of it... of us, then what would our world and our lives look like?
In other apartment news, on Saturday morning my normally kind of loud upstairs neighbour (the one that plays his music and his guitar loud enough to hear down the block) seemingly had a mental break and was jumping up and down on the floor, slamming doors and screaming obscenities... He's done this before... about a handful of times but this time was actually frightening... it sounded like he was going to come through the floor and the screaming was angry and violent.  So I called my landlord and asked if there was something I should know about him... like did he have bipolar disorder or was he a serial killer... the landlord went and had a talk with him and I got this shoved under my door a few hours later.  You can't really tell, but it's actually a photocopy of a note.  The last line was added on in pen, but the rest of it is a copy... kind of offputting that this guy has what seems to be a stack of 'I'm Sorry' notes to hand out when his behavior gets to be too much...


Tarable said...

The landlord should never have "outed" out as the complainant.

The note? Offputting - very, very offputting.

Shannon said...

LOL at the note, OMG, I think perhaps he maybe does have some sort of mental/emotional issues and someone has helped him fashion an apology letter.

Glenda said...

So much for your landlord's apparent concern about finding tenants who fit the "quiet, family like environment" of the building! (Or maybe it is like a family, and he's the black sheep?!)

He should meet up with our 'under the kitchen' downstairs neighbours - they somehow think that its okay for their 'garage' band to practice at full volume in a 1940's, non-soundproof building. Fortunately they usually do it on Saturday afternoons, and if we sit in the TV room they're harder to hear, but there have been the odd occasions where its really obnoxious (like the time they got home at 3am and decided to start playing!)