Thursday, June 7, 2012

Rain rain... GO AWAY!

This weather is absolute bullshit!  I mean, I'm not one that really cares what it's doing outside, but come ON!  It's June and it's forcasted to rain for the next seven days... could be longer but the weather network only puts the next 7 days up.
I guess I'll be doing indoor things this weekend.  That's not really necessarily a bad thing... I still have painting of the bedroom wall to do, I have to hang my dining light that I successfully rewired, I have a ton of knitting to do and I'm not sad about having to snuggle the kitty either.
My friend Sharon is coming over to finally see the new place and I think we're having Mimosas... because we're fancy like that ;)
Not much to report otherwise.  The cat is feeling better altho he has a cold right now... He seems to be getting into a stride of living in the house and not going outside (altho I did have a dream that I took him to some sort of fair on his harness and leash and then forgot to keep holding the leash and he disappeared...).  He's very energetic in the mornings and quite enjoys playing with his new favorite toy, the bath mat... also he loves it when I chase him, so he runs around like a lunatic.  It's really funny and there's nothing better first thing in the morning that having a genuine laugh... starts the day off right!  He's also getting friendlier to visitors and he's getting more confident with me, so he enjoys climbing on me while I sleep and getting really close and staring.  It might not seem like much, but from his first days with me when i couldn't even pet him to now is a drastic change.
A long time ago when I worked at the yarn store, I fell in love with a beautiful red ribbed scarf.  The yarn seemed to glow and it was insanely soft.  It was a sample sent to the store by the yarn vendor and since I was the most junior staff member, I was at the bottom of a long list of people that wanted the scarf when it was done being a sample.  Since I knit, i COULD knit it myself, but it's 3x3 ribbing with pretty slim yarn and to be honest, I knew even if I bought the yarn, I'd never finish it.  So imagine my joy when another local yarn store decided to close and sell off all their samples.  I bought the scarf and don't regret the $40 I spent at all!  The yarn alone would have cost $60, plus knitting it forever, so it's a pretty good deal!
It's made of NZ Merino and NZ Possum (which apparently has two s's because it's 'so soft' according to someone) and it SHOULD be way to warm to wear in June, but here I am... wearing it... today.