Monday, February 13, 2012

I Saw, I Want, I Love, I Need

1.  I saw a couple get engaged two weeks ago... It appeared that they rented the Downtown Historic Railway Car and he proposed to her in the rain at the little station.  It was really cute and they had photographers and their friends and family were on the train watching... She seemed genuinely surprised.. which I gathered from spying on them from my office with binos.  

2.  I want to punch myself in the face based on someone elses irrational life management skills.  It makes me want to scream and yell because I don't understand YET AGAIN (!) why I have to be an adult, get up and go to work and keep living my life through the hardest 10 months I've ever struggled through and others get what seems to be a free pass to be useless and check out.  I know life is not fair and you only get out of it what you're willing to put into it, and I'm willing to put as much as I can in, where other people are not, but it's still maddening that these people seem to get all the support and time off and any other thing they 'need' and people like me get tossed off to the wayside as not 'needing anything' because we're not a bunch of quitters.

3.  I love that for Valentine's Day, Sam and I are going to the Downtown East Side (the 2nd poorest postal code in Canada) for dinner.(duh edit... we're going the day AFTER...)  If you have the Oprah Network, maybe you've seen the show Gastown Gamble.  If you watch Diners, Drive Ins and Dives, you may have seen it recently. It's called Save-on Meats and it started out in 1957 as a butcher and diner.  They've reopened the diner portion as an inexpensive and tasty restaurant and I hear it's really good.  They have Breakfast Poutine (fries, squeaky cheese and a fried egg), Coffee flavored milkshakes and Chocolate Chip Bacon Cookies.  Here's a link to the menu if you want to titilate your tastebuds a little.

4.  I need to block a shawl I just I finished.  I started it March 2011... Sort of knit off and on on it and then it was too far in to rip it out, so I stuck it in a far deep corner of my knitting area and let it wait...Some how it worked it's way out of 'storage' and onto my coffee table... where it sat mocking me for a time... When I realized I really didn't have a single other thing on the needles, I took it to coffee and Glenda and I managed to figure out a way to end it on the yarn left and have it look good.  It looks FANTASTIC!  I'm really excited about washing and blocking it... Here's a close up of what the pattern is.


Kat said...

love the pattern in #4!! Gorgeous!

Whhhatt/whooo the heck is # 2 about??