Monday, July 25, 2011

You might need a coffee to get through this!

Wanna know a good way to scare the ever loving shit out of yourself?  Fail at updating your iphone, have it lock up to be a useless piece of poop and then have to spend until midnight restoring it.  Find out after you have restored it that when iTunes said you should sync it first to get all the stuff off the iphone into the library that you bought from the app store while on the fly, you SHOULD DO THAT!  I lost quite a bit of stuff... including my Smurfs game. :(  Not so sure I'll start it again.  It's kinda anticlimatic that I just reached a milestone on the game and now I have to start from the beginning :(
I took transit to work today for the SECOND day!  That's right!  I now take transit to work.  Some of my closest friends have already phoned me up and basically asked if I was ill or possibly hit my head.  My distaste for transit is quite well known.  Actually, my distaste for BUSES is quite well known.  I don't mind the train.  I do mind when people breath on me, stand in front of the doors like stantions and otherwise act like jerks, but it's a VERY short train ride!  In fact, it's only about 6 min according to google.  I'd say that's pretty accurate.  So my commute has gone from almost 20KM and an hour of driving to 5.5km of driving and it takes about 19 min all together, including the two LONG block walk from my car park spot to the train.
Today is the 15th day without caffiene.  I don't see anything different about how I feel or behave when not consuming caffiene, so not sure how long I'll keep it up.  Maybe till the end of the month, just to see how a month off the stuff feels.
Yesterday I drank 3 litres of cucumber flavored water.  It's my new favorite thing!  I like plain water, but sometimes it gets boring and then I feel I want to go in search of something else, either additives (which while not terrible for you, aren't exactly awesome) or worse yet, juice or pop.  I don't like lemon water very much because I find it hard to get it perfect... I don't like it too lemonny, contrary to what some people who know about 'lemon lettuce' might think.  So I thought I'd take the plunge and experiment.  It turned out remarkably well!  I cut a 3" chunk off a large field cucumber ( I understand it works with English cucumbers as well, but since field cucumbers are locally grown and for sale right now, I thought I'd use that!), cut it into chunks and then threw it into the pitcher with 3 litres of water.  The skin stays on, and gives the water a bit of a citrusy flavor and the flesh of the cucumber gives it the distinctive subtle flavor.  It's very refreshing!  Next time I'd probably scrape the seeds out before I threw the bunch in the water because it's kind of a pain to have them floating after you strain out the chunks.
I just downloaded Jason Aldean's new album.  It's fantastic.  He has a voice similar to that of Dean Brody... one I find to be like salve for the soul.
I found the kitty sleeping on the deck chair when I left for work today.  He spent the entire evening and night outside.  Not sure what he was doing, but I've gotten a lot less anxious when he does that.  Altho, in the summer it makes sense for him to be outside... I would sleep outside on a deck chair too if I could!  In the winter is when it's bothersome because it's never ending rain and wind... what does a little kitty need to be outside in that for?
And for the last thing in the most boring blog update to date, I started knitting again.  I picked up the Bestee's birthday present and knit three rounds!  It's so close to being done!  Wednesday evening I'm going to go with my friend Glenda to her beginner knitting class!  More as moral support (for who I'm not sure...) and maybe I'll get the pressie done.  It's going to be about a month late, but I'm sure well recieved when I'm finally done.  I had such big plans to be done by her birthday and I started so early, but who knew life would take such a turn!  It's funny because I LOVE knitting!  I like seeing the item come to life between my needles.  It's given me comfort, entertainment, friends and many MANY finished items.  When I started to really feel low, I couldn't bring myself to pick up a project... almost like I didn't want to contaminate something I loved with poor feelings... and then it got to be so long that it was like trying to call up a friend after it's been just a little bit too long... it's awkward and difficult but just needs to be powered through.  I powered through and I'm BACK BABY!


Tarable said...

Actually I quite like this post.

Glad to hear you doing some stuff you enjoy again - like knitting!