Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Not quite as planned

Dear Diary;
I've been very busy lately and the moments and days that I'm not busy, I'm catatonic... My plan to be 'ready to go' this week has been dropped in the toilet.  I'm so tired and out of sorts that I can't even think of what to eat when I'm hungry. I doddle around the house like a woman without a brain and yesterday I spent the ENTIRE day laying on the couch with the kitty.
At the very least (and it was by no means least in the LEAST!), I now have curtains in the kitchen, a teal blue wall in the living room, my chandelier actually works and I put the crystals on it and the giraffe is now blue.  The railings outside were scrubbed and polished, the chairs were cleaned, wild flowers were planted and the kitchen cupboards were scrubbed!  I cleaned the top of the fridge (EW!) and the microwave got cleaned and everything was dusted!
We also drank and ate a lot and had some awesome laughs!
Here are some rather crappy iphone pictures.  More (better) later, I promise!
 Taking his Monday nap outside
 finally with the crystals and POWER! That was a six year project!
 Kitty was so happy to have his blankie back (it went out to sister's for washing)
The color in this photo is hideous... I'll get a better one.


Tarable said...

And it was FUN! Well, maybe more fun for me as I arrived just when the "work" part was ending and the "drink and eat" part was beginning (or continuing).

It looks great. And I especially dig the chandelier.

PJ said...

Sounds like a good day! And as always, I love the kitty pics!