Thursday, July 7, 2011

Don't fall asleep!

My period of acute mourning for my relationship is almost over.  How's that you say?  How can you predict when you will feel better?  When you will stop feeling sad and tired?  Well, let's be honest, while I think I'm superwoman, I am not and therefore I can't predict these things.  What I can do is say that while I'm sure I will have some bad days, I will no longer allow myself to be submerged in it.  So, you're done today, you ask?  Well, no.  I have a four day weekend coming up (including not working at the yarn store!  Holy cow!) which will entail a great deal of 'nice things for me'.  At the end of that, I will enter into the next week ready to take on the world.  Some of the 'nice things for me' include a trip to my Accupuncturist (and best massage therapist in the WORLD!), grocery shopping for food for the next week, a trip to Dressew with my friend Glenda  to get the fabric to make a waterproof picnic blanket! (YES!  It was Glenda's idea, but such a good one that I'm borrowing with her blessing!) I'm going to make curtains for my kitchen, have people over to help clean the rest of the place up and do the last odds and ends and then it's back to real life for me!
In other FASCINATING news, it's been determined (by me) (last night) that I can NOT take allergy pills.  I was having was I presume was an allergic reaction to something last night and was itchy EVERYWHERE.  Between my toes, my knuckles, my knees and other parts that you'd rather weren't insanely itchy!  I took a Reactine because it's the only anti histimine I have and it worked.  The problem is that I'm completely stoned today!  My head feels like it's full of cotton stuffing and stainless steel scrub buds!  It's wobbling back and forth on my apparently insufficient neck and making me feel like I was out all night partying (which I was not!  I was in bed playing with my smurfs!)  I knew that taking allergy pills on an ongoing basis during allergy season made me feel run down and not at my best, so I generally didn't take them but I DIDN'T know that taking one pill would make me stoned for 24 hours!