Monday, May 16, 2011

All my riches for....

Here's the shawl that I finished in record time.  In fact I'm convinced that it probably must have knit a huge portion of it independently!

One skein of merino and silk/merino and one skein of gray merino and a few fluffs of angelina, spun up by the owner of Grandma's Spinning Wheel in Arizona.

This was inspired by the Mara shawl, but the mods mean that it's not REALLY a Mara shawl.
I did mine in stockinette instead of garter, changed the increases in the ribbing section, knit it out of bulkier wool and did less of a ribbed border than the original calls for.
Here are a whole heap of pictures for your viewing pleasure!  Sorry the gray was so over exposed. 


Glenda said...

Its SO PURDY! and I'm so glad its coming to live with me later this week! ;)