Monday, August 20, 2012

The Way the Water Sparkles

I took today off of work... because I can... I cleaned my house last night and this morning woke up and had a lovely day with the kitty and my knitting and coffee.  I also roasted 4 pork loins (two lime, two sundried tomato and rosemary) so I could slice them up and freeze them.  My freezer is having a fit and trying to throw things out the door any time it opens, so I'm hoping I can slice up the loins and tetris them in there a bit better!

Tomorrow is my successful completion of 30 days grain free and I have to say that it's certainly not the end, altho the physical 'side effects' haven't been what I was expecting... More on that tomorrow.

In the meantime, here's my new project that I'm working on.  It's completely mindless and very fast knitting and I'm smitten... I dyed two of the three yarns (both the teal colors) and they're going perfectly with the silk/merino blend of the gray and blue one.

I feel as tho I'm coming down with something... I"m achy and crampy and out of sorts and would kill someone to go to bed right this second (6:04pm).