Tuesday, August 21, 2012

30 Days and Nights

So I made a commitment to spend 30 days grain and legume free.  I add in 'legume free' because altho I don't eat beans much, I DO have an inappropriate love affair with peanut butter and apparently my bestfriend the Peanut is a legume.  I'm hoping that one day, in moderation (LOL!) I can renew a reasonable relationship with peanut butter...

That being said, I am sincerely amazed at how life changing a measly 30 days has been.  It jump started my mental process to a point that I was moving forward again.  To a point that I was making decisions for myself based on my own health and wellbeing and not just the innate urge to survive.

I took an even bigger plunge when I decided that no toxic crap IN my body should be matched with no toxic crap ON my body... I've written about that already... The baking soda shampoo is over a week in and fabulous, the deodorant is fabulous, the Dr. Bronners body wash is fantastic... I also became obsessed with nail polish (which is fabulous but obviously not toxin free) and I blame my sister!

I haven't seen a big change in the scale since I started, altho I didn't weigh myself until halfway in, so there's no way of knowing how much I weighed when I started.  I did lose 4.6 pounds in 16 days, so that's not bad... assuming that I lost the same in the first 14 days.... I did go down two belt holes in the last 30 days, so that's saying something.  I'm less concerned about my waist line tho than I am with feeling good. It's a very VERY weird thing to hear myself say because in the past, WEIGHT was the driving factor of feeling good... but that's not necessarily healthy... I don't feel obsessed with food like I've felt in the past when doing the Zone... I know a couple friends that had that 'obsessed with food' feeling on WW as well and it seems to be a non started for people doing grain/legume free... 

I will spend the next month documenting every morsel I put into my mouth in order to see what I'm actually eating... it made sense to me to eat this way and not be too worried about calories for the first 30 days... one can't have it all and since I couldn't have my old comfort foods, I figured that it was reasonable to eat until I was full and see what results that got me.  Now I want to see WHAT I'm eating, in what quantities and how that relates to weight loss or gain.

I'm also planning (once it's not so hot out) to pack my workout clothes, change after work, take the bus to W 12th Ave and then walk home from there.  It's 5.9km... Since once I get home there's not really anywhere to go from here that is pleasant, I figured if I get my workout in while doing something necessary like getting home, then I'd kill two birds with one stone.  Plus, I don't think taking the bus when it's raining outside is going to be pleasant and with the right attire, walking in the rain will probably be more favorable so I'll 'practice' while it's nice out... And the plus side of that is if on some days I don't think I can make it, or whatever, there's always a bus around the corner to save me... 

So here's to another 30 days and nights... I'll check back in about this on September 20th.


Shannon said...

Nail polish is nice, it’s a little pretty that you get to have. Manicured looking nails are nice and they are a nice reminder to you that you are taking care of yourself.

As far as your 30 days, CONGRATULATIONS, you’ve done something that most people would never do! Something against the grain (haha, pun intended!) and out of your comfort zone and you found something wonderful on the other side. The weight loss is also great and if you do assume approximately 9 pounds, that’s a perfectly healthy rate of weight loss, approximately 2 pounds/week.

A food journal is always a good idea, especially as you are working towards finding out which foods work best for your body and which ones can work against it. Sometimes you can come up with some surprising realizations!

Anyway, good job, I’m very proud of you!

Tarable said...


So glad you're ejoying this and reaping the benefits of it! I thought you might. I knew you'd be good at it.

As for the nail polish, I love having pretty painted, manicured nails. Good reminder that I need to do that for myself more often.