Thursday, August 2, 2012

Fish Taco Salad

A while back I read on a blog that the girl eats salad for lunch every day and she puts anything she would normally eat in a sandwich on a salad.  With that in mind, I've been putting lots of stuff on salad... 
Costco sells a Mixed Baby Greens box of salad that is veritably jammed into the box for $2.99 and it has yummy things like some version of kale and mustard greens.. not your ordinary mixed greens... it's so good that it's good even without dressing.

So last night Sam drove me home because we had quite a few blueberries to bring back here... he was starving and talking about wanting to cheat so I made him come inside and I whipped up a quick dinner that could have been in any restaurant in the city... 

I threw four Tilapia fillets on Trent's (convection oven) pan and coated both sides in Olive Oil.  Squeeze the juice of one lime, coating both sides.  Sprinkle one side with coarse seasalt and Paprika and bake at 350 until fish is cooked. (again, no times... I just eyeball it).

While the fish is cooking I made Sam shell a handful of pistachios and I heaped greens into two large bowls.  Throw in a handful of cherry tomatoes and a sliced baby cuke into each bowl.

In your food processor or magic bullet, squeeze the juice of two limes, 1/4 cup of Hellmans Olive Oil Mayo and cayenne pepper and seasalt to taste... I used about 1/8 tbsp.  Whir in the bullet, adding mayo or pepper till desired consistency is reached.  (You're looking for a very loose dressing).

Put warm fish on bed of salad, sprinkle with pistachios and drizzle dressing.  Enjoy!

If you want to be more authentic to actual fish tacos and you have on hand, mix one half salad greens and one half coleslaw (without the carrots).  Or entirely coleslaw if that's how you roll.

 I can't get this bleeping bleep bleep BLEEEEEEEP picture to turn around... it's making me angry!


Tarable said...

Sounds and looks great!

Love the idea of putting anything from a sandwich on a salad.

Keep up the great food ideas.