Monday, December 26, 2011

Boxing Day Guest Post

My sister posted this for me on my other blog, so I've copied and pasted it here for your reading enjoyment...
Hi! It’s Shannon posting for Darcy. I’ve had a couple bottles glasses of wine and a lot of turkey so do take your chances in reading!
Darcy and Sam are currently in a fancy-pants hotel in San Francisco….well….they aren’t actually IN the hotel right now, they are on their way to The Cheesecake Factory for a late dinner. (I am on the sofa in my pajamas drinking red wine and eating chocolate….in case you were wondering)
They’ve had gorgeous weather and lots of laughs and frivolity while the rest of us
have been dealing with relatives, leftovers and heartburn. ;)
Today they went on a 2 hour bus tour that extended itself to a freezing cold and unwelcome 6 hours due to a smash up on the Golden Gate Bridge….probably less fun for the participants of the pile-up than for Darcy & Sam but they were unimpressed and frozen nonetheless.
Tomorrow they are heading for some district in San Fran that I didn’t bother trying to remember the name of but it sounded similar to some famous Cuban dictator. Anyway, apparently there is yarn there and Sam was going to buy underwear. Like I said, I’ve had some wine, so that could be a bit inaccurate as far as usable information goes. ;)
Before Darcy revokes my password and rights to post here, I’ll leave you with some pictures from their trip.


Tarable said...

Haha... I LOVE this guest post! Glad everyone is/was having a great time.