Friday, December 2, 2011

The Best Thing

The best thing about knitting is that there are no rules!  Oh, sure, you could have told the whole blogosphere (and by that I mean the 13 people who read this occassionally!) that you're obsessed with colorwork mittens... You could have either said straight out or implied very recently that you're going to have a pair of lined, full colorwork mittens done by the time you get to Alcatraz...

And then you can decide that the most important thing for your own well being, mental health and warm body parts is to get out the skein of sale yarn you bought on a whim, remember how much you love it and crank out one half of a pair of arm warmers in about four hours!  Yup!  You wanna know why?  Because there are no rules in knitting!  You can do what you want... when you want to... for whomever you want!

I present you my 'I see Machu Picchu' warmers.

If you want the pattern, I would be happy to write it up, just let me know.
These are made of Berocco Cuzco (now you get the name?) in the Olive colorway on Size US 8 needles.  The first mitten took 43 of the 100 grams of yarn.
I will get better pictures when the other one is done and I've washed and blocked them both.

And now I'm going to bed because I have been forbidden to nap anymore (omg, I know!) and prescribed an allotted sleeping time of 10pm-6am.  Yes, even on weekends.