Monday, October 24, 2011


I rue cat sand! I rue sleeping in a bed that has a sand box full of sand ground into my sheets. It's gritty and disgusting and as much as I love the kitty, I rue cat sand!!

I rue the smell of curry! I rue that I love love love eating curry but the smell of it mere moments after the last bite makes me gag!!

I rue cold sheets... I rue that I love to (and am required) sleep with the window open but that makes the sheets freezing. I rue the feeling of forcing yourself to flop down on the cold pillow, knowing it will make you tense and cranky when that's. It the way you should feel going to bed!

I rue gauge swatches and my own stupid inability to get my head around making them! I rue that knitting an entire gigantico mitten took more time than a teeny little swatch!

I rue typing on a tiny screen. Even tho I rue it, im not going back to check for mistakes so good luck!

I rue now having to go to bed in my freezing cold, curry scented, cat sand infested bed and I don't even have a mitten to keep me warm because it's big enough to fit my gritty freezing cold THIGH!



PJ said...

Dude - heated mattress pad. It will CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

P'cess said...

There's such a thing?? I had no idea... do you sleep on it when it's on, or just use it to warm up the freezing cold sheets?

k. said...

omg I so was just going to put that about the heated mattress pad. 99$ London drugs. Next pay day I am so on it. or will be once I buy it.
oh and I never do the swatch thingy.. why plan ahead? why fix mistakes before you make them? what then would we RUE????
As for cat sand.... your on your own. never came up with an un-rueable solution to that one either.... oh ya I did, I had a kid to replace my cat. lol.

P'cess said...

LOL! I don't think having a kid would give me less to rue... altho you're right about swatching and even tho I'm rueing my mitten (rued it right into time out!) I probably still won't swatch the next time!

Thanks for the second tip on the heating pad thingy... I will definitely start looking for something... I'm pretty sure my sister (Fitty vs Fatty over there in the side bar is my twin) has an electric blanket that she loves... I'll find out about the details!