Friday, October 21, 2011


1.  I now have another blog... you're welcome to visit it but I suspect that the times I post there, I will also post that same (similar) post here.  That's the trouble with having two blogs... The second one is because I deleted facebook, I needed a place for my family to read.  I'm not willing to share this space with people I know in real life (for the most part... there are some of you that I've invited here and I'm glad you're here!) so I made a blog that I could post pictures and other stuff for.  Again, feel free to wander over there, but let's try not to leave a cookie crumb trail back to here ;)  Let me know if you want the address.
2.  I had a rather sad experience last night when I was driving home, down my street and saw a little wee white and gray fluffball of a kitten 'napping' on the road.  It made me very sad but also confused because normally I would bawl my eyes out at such a sight... but I didn't cry at all... either I'm more emotionally mature than previously, or I'm a cold hearted bitch... I'm trying not to think about the little fluffy now because I hope the people who's house he lives at took him off the road but if they didn't, then I don't want to think about him cold and wet outside... :(
3.  I drank two Granville Island Lions Winter Ale last night... partly in an attempt to feel better about the kitten and partly because I LOVE that stuff!  I got up to date on all my pvr recordings and finished making my One Sentence Journal.  I love it already, I just need to find a good spot to keep it.  Maybe on the passenger side nightstand...
4.  This always bears reminding... be CAREFUL what you tell people at work.  Not saying that you shouldn't share, but don't forget, especially if you are a woman... everyone doesn't have the same agenda as you!  No agenda you say?  Well I don't have one either... I also don't subscribe to competitive female bullshit, but some people do and you must NOT forget that!
5.  The post from my other website:
Ever want to write a journal but after you write that first sentence, you don’t know what else to say?  Well have I got the thing for you!
Take 365 index cards, one interesting box and 12 of anything that is important to you… post cards, scrap book papers, old greeting cards, photographs… And voila!
Well, not voila, but it’s really almost that easy.  Stamp (or write) the date (no year!) on each card.  Takes a while but it’s really the most time consuming part.  After that, you just put them in order, use your 12 important things to divide up the months, and then write one sentence per day, every day.  Make sure you start every sentence with the year and then in a few years, you’ll have a keepsake to look back on and see what was going on.  Don’t worry too much about what sentence you write.  When it comes time to re-read years from now… each of those sentences will be the most important thing on that day.  Funny how that works.