Thursday, September 1, 2011

This girl!

You guys!
I saw this girl last night.  She seemed so cool! She was hanging out at a coffee shop with her friend and seemed to be really close friends with the owners.  They all clearly love her and see something wonderful in her and she seems blissfully ignorant of the affect she has on those around her.  Her smile lights up the whole room and she manages to draw perfect strangers in to her social embrace!
We were talking about music and movies and she must be really confident.  When it became pretty clear that she'd never seen movies every other person on the planet has seen and not heard bands that every other person on the planet recognizes, she didn't seem ashamed or embarassed.  Many people would either fib about their 'being in the know' or change the subject of the conversation.  She actually seemed proud of the fact that she knew what her tastes were and what she liked and disliked.  When asked HOW she had never seen the Batman movie, she said she didn't like seeing people in masks and therefore declined to see it. Makes sense to me! Our tastes these days are so much driven by what is 'hot right now' that if you ask someone what their favorite song is or their favorite anything, they have no idea because 'their favorite' is 'everyone else's favorite'... to fit in with the crowd, you know?  She doesn't seem to care if she fits in...  Her all time favorite song is Glory of Love by Peter Cetera for crying out loud!  She declared that if it was on the sound system at that moment, she would beg for it to be cranked to the max and stand on the couch and sing along.  I have every reason to believe that she may very well have done that!
She seems like the kind of person that everyone wants to get to know... her laughter is infectious and there's a lot of laughter.  Her eyes sparkle as she tries to tell a silly joke... she doesn't get through it though because she falls into a fit of giggles... everyone else around her laughs with her...
There's something in her air that seems... wounded... a little unsure and a cloud sometimes comes across her face.  It's almost impossible to spot, but it's there.  She quickly banishes it to the farthest reaches in favor of laughing and being silly.  It's more that she seems to be enjoying herself so much and a despair for lost and wasted time reminds her what a beautiful moment she's sitting in.
As the stranger that was caught in her social embrace leaves the shop, she calls after that she's 'there all the time'... and then to 'don't let that stop you from coming back' as she then dissolves into a fit of giggles again.  The stranger seemed intrigued... who wouldn't be!
I'd sure like to see that girl again!
Oh, btw... that was me....