Monday, September 12, 2011

Eye Candy (also known as Food P--N!

Good morning!
It's another beautiful and sunny day in Vancouver!
I had a lovely 3 day weekend, altho I can't for the life of me remember what I did with it.  I napped and knitted an entire hat and went to the Farmers Market in search of apples... Oh yes!  I was so excited!  My mouth was watering from just the thought of having my beloved Okanagan HoneyCrisp Apple!  It's enormous size is practically enough for an entire meal and must be cut in half if one is eating it as a snack... altho to be fair, even tho I do cut it in half, I usually eat both pieces.... the last quarter of which is groaned through because they are HUGE!  Perfectly sweet and tart, and the perfect texture.  Not as hard as a Granny Smith, but not mushy either... the perfect 'crack' as you bite a piece off!   Doesn't that sound amazing?  I know!  So picture my disappointment when i had gotten myself completely worked up about my apple (as you must understand, I'm allergic to apples, so when local apple season comes along, I must partake to my best ability) and there was no apple to be had!  I was a month too early!  No gorgeous HoneyCrisps, no sweet looking Pink Lady.  No Ambrosia... no Jonogold.  No!  I did get a bag of Galas but they're certainly not my favorite.  Turns out my favorite apples are Fall Harvest apples, according to THIS website!
I know I've been referring to Pinterest lately and I just have to say that it's become a tool in the fight for eating right.  How you ask?  Well my new favorite thing (and giant time waster) is to go on Pinterest, click on someone's 'food board' and then go to town devouring the amazing pictures and links to astoundingly gorgeous and tasty looking food blogs.
Would you like a sample of what I did yesterday morning while drinking my oh so healthy smoothie (which, incidentally, seemed to taste more luxurious, given the content of the images I was looking at.
I've included a link with each picture, because these food blogs are divine!



Tarable said...

Pumpkin pie cupcake? Yes, please!