Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Sweet Potato Scone!

Oh ya!  Just went for a little walkies to get a muffin and the guy at the bakery was his own little piece of sunshine!  He gave me my muffin and then let me try two new recipes of scones that the nighttime kitchen staff are working on.  One was a Tropical one, which was nice and moist but somewhat tasteless and I don't care for coconut.  The other was the Sweet Potato Scone, made with Spelt Flour.  To die for!  Seriously yummy, with all the amazing spices that remind you of warm cozy living rooms, family and friends gathered and a warm cup of chai tea!  So fall... or winter.  It's not fall OR winter right now, but I'm ALWAYS up for anything that tastes like that oh so happy, cozy time!  I like my apartment to smell like fall all year round... it feels... peaceful.  Even tho, when that time rolls around, it's hardly ever anything like 'peace'.  Maybe this year I'll make sure that it IS peaceful...
Anyway, back to the scones!  So I've been searching online for a sweet potato scone recipe that seems similar and so far I've been out of luck.  I might have to make up my own, but if you know me at all, you're already cringing at the thought!
Do you have a good Sweet Potato Scone or muffin/biscuit recipe that you'd like to share?


Tarable said...

I am a scone LOVER! And sweet potato scone sounds devine!

I need to try some sweet potato scone!

P'cess said...

Lucky for you (and ME!), the nice man at the bakery gave me the ingredient list. Now, that's not a recipe, but I'v enlisted my friend to help me 'recreate' them. When we have a recipe, I'll be sure to share!
Enjoy your beer tomorrow night and your 'action packed' weekend!