Sunday, August 21, 2011

Enticing Photos of yesterday's creation!

As pointed out to me by my good friend PJ, I forgot to post photos of my new recipe.  I'm very bad at remembering stuff like that but lucky for you, I have taken some photos.

This first photo is of my grocery list.  I didn't put creamo, tinfoil, fruit or coffee beans in the dish.  Please also note that this list is not conculsive of the actual ingredient list.  I had some of the stuff needed at home.  Also, I forgot to buy coffee beans.

This is a picture of the French White casserole dish I baked most of the meatloaf in.  Please be aware that the mangoes are insanely huge... otherwise you might thing the casserole dish is tiny.  It is not.  Also, don't you LOVE my faux granite laminate?  Me too!

And finally, the money shot!  This is three of the six packages of meatloaf that I froze.  They're wrapped in tinfoil lined with waxed paper and then I used some packing tape to keep them packets shut because with the waxed paper in there, tinfoil isn't as 'secure'.  Beside it you'll see a tiny snippet of what I believe are home baked buns and the packets are sitting atop Trader Joe's Angus Beef Hamburgers.

So sorry for not including these photos in the recipe.  I'll have to remember to put them all in the same post next time.  I hope this was helpful and has inspired you to make the Meatloaf for dinner tonight!