Friday, April 8, 2011

Nothing to say

That's probably untrue and I'll get to the end of this post and find that I've said a lot... LOL!

I haven't knit much in the last couple days.  After finishing Terra and then the baby blanket and then starting and finishing Guernsey Wrap and finishing the Magic Carpet and then starting and finishing the hot water bottle cover (still in love!), I've knit A LOT in the last little while... More than I'm used to and so when I started the hat for my sister at the same time as the cover, after all that finish it up knitting, I found my hands hurting. I think because I had to do the ribbing for the hottie cover on 16" circs and that makes me hold my hand funny for some reason... made my pinky all stiff and my hand feel funny...

Anyway, I'm going to pick up the hat again right now and hopefully get it finished.  I was working on my Tree of Light shawl yesterday.  The pattern is engaging (altho it's printed out TINY so I have to do something about that!  Also, the cat was kind enough to sit on the paper when he was a bit wet from outside, so large parts of it are very smudged and I'm sort of guessing my way through... I should do something about that too!) and the yarn is a dream!  I love how it looks like a completely different stitch pattern in large yarn and almost can't wait to get it blocked.  I keep thinking I should take it off the needles and do a partial block to see how big it's going to get, but then I remember I like surprises!

I'm going to Arizona next week and have decided to make myself a souvenir so I'm going to make Jared Flood's new Rock Island.  Have you seen this yet?  It's AMAZING! 
Here's a photo off his blog! Go over there and see it!

I'm going to knit it out of Handmaiden Mini Maiden in the Salt Spray colorway, which is a gorgeous iceblue and cream 50/50 silk/wool combo!  Not sure exactly how much I'll get done, but I'm willing to work for it!  The other option is to take some Fleece Artist Woolie Silk 3ply in Fire Opal and make another feather and fan scarf. Last time I went for a holiday at my dad's by myself (last march), I made a feather and fan stole out of Fleece Artist Nyoni.  I never wear it but it's gorgeous!  (I partly never wear it because the first time I wore it, I snagged it on a spiral ring notebook and ripped a hole in it... I fixed it but now I'm scared!)

Just got back from dinner at a local sushi restaurant where I had really good chicken teryiaki!
Photo evidence. 
I'm now full and no longer feeling guilt toward the ol' blog... so I will now knit hat.


chemicalika said...

Still so in love with this shawl (a sentiment that seems to be echoed by most of Ravelry since it's talked about everywhere I go (possibly more symptomatic of being in a LOT of lace groups...)) - can't wait to cast on! Quite jealous that you'll beat me to it.

Anyway, I came across here to say that your Vintage Swim Cap came up on my friends feed and the colour you are using is amazing! So beautiful! I'm looking forward to seeing the finished thing.

Also, the chicken teryiaki looks very tasty.