Monday, April 11, 2011

Curried Kitty!

Another weekend gone... when you only have one actual day off, that goes really fast!  Especially when your one day is started off with a cranking headache and you have to take your kitty to the vet :(
Last year when he went, the vet couldn't get a full checkup done on him because he freaked out and the were afraid he was going to hurt himself, so they declared him 'fine' and sent him home.  This year, it had to be a bit more thourough of an examination... which was horrible!  I've never seen an animal fight like that... as tho he thought he was fighting for his life.  Even when he gets into really bad fights, I've never heard him scream like that... His eyes were completely dilated and he was biting and hissing and chewing and writhing around.  It's actually burned into my mind and it was REALLY upsetting. I knew they weren't hurting him, because besides the tech holding him down, they were barely touching him, but he was so upset... I'm pretty sure that he didn't really even recognize me, even tho I was talking to him and he could see me... I think the most upsetting thing was that I couldn't comfort him :(

Does THIS look like a wild beast?  No, I don't think so either.  He's such a little sweetheart with us and a terrified, adreneline ridden lunatic when he goes to the vet!  Next year he's being sedated!  It took him a whole day to recover from his experience, complete with following me around, having wobbly legs and not being able to sleep for longer than 90 seconds at a time.  I eventually took him to our bed and we had a nap together, which seemed to help him (and really, I would do anything for the kitty, including napping!).
On Saturday night, after our nap, the kitty and I made a huge pot of chicken curry/masala (two jars of sauce, mixed because evidently they're the exact same thing!) with two kinds of mushrooms, onions and peas!  We had it over rice... it was very yummy!  We also had it for dinner last night and I'm having it for lunch today and probably a bite to eat before knitting tonight!  Breaking down the costs, it was $14 for the chicken (bone in by accident, but cheaper), $6 for the sauces, $6 for the mushrooms and onions, $2 for the frozen peas and whatever the nominal cost of the rice was.  $28 and it's broken down into 6 meals... that's $4.66 per serving!  Not bad!

I knit on my Alpaca shawl again last night, after having drank a beer... I've decided to take up drinking, but Patrick doesn't seem to think it's a good idea.  It'll only last until the beer in the fridge is gone and since there were three and then Saturday night I had one and Sunday night I had one, that just leaves one left for my drinking career.  What will I drink in the states?  I understand American beer sucks... someone enlighten me so I don't have to drink crappy beer!
Sister, your hat will probably be done tonight... I'll take it to knitting... I have to put it on a longer cable to do the decreases and quite frankly, I've been lazy!  I've also got to fix the sock at knitting too, so hopefully someone will help me (and hopefully I'll remember to bring it)
Five more work days (at the day job) until I leave for AZ!  Between now and then I need to go to the fabric store and find some fabric to make myself a sun dress or two and then I'm going to go to Dressew and buy the cupcake fabric for my pajama scrubs.


Karen said...

Poor kitty!! And that curry looks yummy!! I'll have to try it sometime :)